Best STANDING Sciatica Exercises for Instant Pain Relief

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Dr. Rowe goes over the best exercises to quickly relieve sciatica pain in a STANDING POSTION.

These exercises can be done at home, don’t require any equipment, and may give instant sciatica pain relief… even in as little as 30 SECONDS!

The exercises focus on relieving tension and pressure off the sciatic nerve, giving QUICK RELIEF to sharp leg pain when standing. This includes sciatica caused from a lumbar spinal disc bulge or herniation, and also from piriformis syndrome.

Also, these stretching exercises can also be used to help PREVENT sciatica pain when standing. If you find yourself standing in one spot for long periods of time and dealing with leg pain, you’ll not want to miss this one!

Watch now and get quick sciatica relief!

0:00 Intro
0:11 Wall Lean Stretch
2:52 Step Behind Exercise (Piriformis Syndrome)
4:52 Dr. Rowe’s Sciatica Slayer Combo
7:32 Decompression Dip


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Yvette and Jorgen Larsen says:

Hey doc, that last one where you're supporting most or all of your body weight on your arms, isn't for older ladies LOL. I noticed on this video, the one where you're turning your feet inward, that this time you say to stand on the balls of the feet. Yesterday I saw the same exercise on another one of your videos, and you said stand on the heels of the feet, I believe–and that was hard to do! My girlfriend and I both almost fell over. But I got lasting relief, Yay! So simple! You are one smart dude, and so kind to tell the rest of us how to get relief, for free! I'm wondering, what motivates you to do that?

Tracy Whitaker says:

Thank for the videos Dr Row.
MRI shows l5 SI Disc Intrusion. Sciatica can get intense when I stand or worse when I walk . I have found ways to temporary stop it by pressing on a wall right foot back for a few seconds, walk a little do it again,I May have to do this 20 times before I can walk, and can usualy feel ok for a while. But as soon as I sit or squat down and stand back up, the cycle starts all over again, its been like this for 3 months. My nerve does not liked to be stretched at all, instead of gliding it feels trapped in the upper hamstring . Ive tried flossing but doest seem to fix anything long term. Your thoughts?

Mike VB says:

Thank you so much Dr Rowe, I have passed and shared your links with my girlfriend and her sciatica troubles and I will run through the exercises together as well when I see her soon. I will give you an update with what happens to share on your support!
Kind regards to you and thanks for your caring advice as a specialist professional!

gina Savant says:

I’ve been suffering from a sciatica for years now. Your videos helps a lot. Your calm voice as well is making me feel good even in pain . Thanks

Don Ho says:

In a past standing sciatica wall stretch you said it was the afflicted side should face the wall or door and in this video its the opposite. So which is it? I think this is important. Please advise.

Gagan Dhanoa says:

Is sciatica causes also penile numbess and pain ? I been dealing with for 2 years

S.A.M says:

Thank you soooooo much, I can breath properly again.

Is Cuben says:

You said in another video to stretch the side which you have pain in??

Leslye Hughes says:

Dr Rowe thank you so much for these exercises, I have been suffering from a pinch nerve, and your exercises helped me to feel better,but I am still suffering. I am going to keep doing your exercises until I feel better.

Sharmeen Husain says:

Thx first time standing really helped.but then onwards I dev pain on my other hip . Got scared. I’m overweight ,mayb that messes it.pls comment.thx

Haroon Raja says:

Your An Angel Sent For Me!! I Had Saiatica For Past 3 Months And Your Excercises Made It All Go Away Within 10 To 20 Mins Thank You Very Much!!!!

Edris Aminashayeri says:

Thank youπŸ™πŸŒ·

faisalsns says:

Very nice and professional way to explain, thanks for doing this!

Mary Disclafani says:

These exercises saved my walking life and my mental comfort aside from the physical peace I got from being pain free. You're the best on the web.

Lola Hey says:


Dazer Reigh says:

Sorry to ask but is it normal to have excruciating pain with each of these exercises, even with the door lean exercise, when you first try it?

Rickie4 says:

I started stretching because I was real tight in my sides hips and hamstrings well a day later my sciatica started killing me whenever I bend forward and try to stand back up.

T Anthony says:

Thank Dr, you are a great help and a blessing πŸ™ŒπŸ™

Ricco Redwick says:

It's to bad there isn't a exercise that actually cures it, rather than a temporary relief. That convinces me it's actually a curse, and the only real cure is time

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