Physio Neck Exercises Stretch and Relieve Routine (UPDATE)

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Here’s the updated neck stretches routine you’ve been requesting with Michelle from This easy stretching routine helps you quickly ease neck pain and relieve tight neck and shoulders.

These neck stretches are ideal when sitting at your desk, taking a study break, with a headache and whenever you need to relieve neck tension.

Always keep your stretches pain free when doing this routine and avoid stretching through discomfort or with an acute neck injury.

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Suzzy 90 says:

I have your video in my playlist so I can find it easily. I have chronic headaches from neck and shoulder tension. This is the best video! Thanks!!

Kamlesh Gupta says:

Good informations

Andrea F. says:

Thanks for this video, Michelle. Super helpful! 🙂

youvalera says:

Greetings from Ukraine. Amazing exercises. Short and effective. XO to everyone.

Makell Hancock says:

I’ve had a stiff neck for three days now. After watching your video and trying these stretches, I can finally move my neck back and forth again. Thank you!!

gio play 1 2 3 4 5 says:

Yasss I love ur stretches

Catherine Tse says:

This is a really good relief exercise. I have stiff neck and shoulder from sleep yesterday night. It really help right away. Thanks!

Michele Busselen says:

Good exercises,thanks. Your voice is so nice and relaxing.

E T says:

Only neck exercises that really help! Thank you!

Khondokarjahid Job says:

My problem 2 year .don't end .what i do .
Please give me some rules

Paris London says:

What a relief! My neck has been feeling some tightness due to office work.

Can I do this everyday and several times in a day?

Suresh Williams says:

Thank you for the video. I have been greatly helped by it

Violet Vaudeville says:

Thank you so so so much! Your video helps me again and again. A few days every month I have pretty bad tension head aches. This, in combination with magnesium oil, ALWAYS helps me instantly. And it's the only thing that completely relieves the tension and the pain. You have no idea how grateful I am🥰

Natcha WKul says:

I found your previous neck stretch first then I followed here. I love the way you simply explain the steps and how smooth you talk. Thanks for your videos. It has helped me a lot.

Syarifa Nur Azizah says:

00:31 mulai

SL- 98 says:

Thank you so much<3 <3 i really needed this x'3

Valeria Childers says:

To think that so many people around the world are benefiting from this video, it is amazing. Thank you so much for your kindness.

SuHasini Madhurya Chennubhotla says:

I do this everyday!

Rosa Gomez says:

I came back with my neck tie again, this help a lot but I know we have to keep practicing.

Randall Pearce says:

Another great video. I have been getting quite severe neck pain on the back of my neck probably due to working on the computer. This gives me quite a bad headache. Have been told to push my chin in to relieve it which does help a little. Will try this series to see how that goes

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