Knee Strengthening Exercise Routine (Bulletproof Knees)

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Knee Strengthening exercises that will help your knees become strong and healthy. This routine will help strengthen your ankles, knees, and hips and may help you fix knee pain.

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Strength Side says:

2 Bonus movements for Knee Strength! –

M Ramirez says:

Headed to the link. Thanks

Adam Murphy says:

I'd workout with you and your feet anytime 😘

Cam says:

Bro I tore my meniscus last year when I was 12 I’m so done for when I’m older I’m gonna have arthritis when I’m 25

Hella says:

on the working leg, the heel needs to be raised?

Life On a leak says:

My knees are the biggest problems why i hate leg day

John Smith says:

My knees are bullet proof, my lower back is concrete.

Leonard Silvia says:

Squatting atg helps alot

Mesimehike says:

Instructions unclear: shot my knees and now I'm in a wheelchair.

Kokoa San says:

Gotta do the knee circles at home lol

StaringAtSidewalks says:

I had severe knee damage from playing hockey. I have been doing these exercises and they have really helped. Thank you so much.

Amit Kumar From Ranchi says:

Bulletproof how to check.? 🥲✌️🤞🤞🤞

Casz says:

I've been told by the physiotherapists at a gym I used to work at to not foam roll the entire length of my outer thigh because of the sciatic nerve. They said you don't want to stretch that nerve.

Vestu says:

Thank you 🙂 I need this. May you be well. May I be well. May everyone be well.

Paddy Mcdoogle says:

Want strong knees? Don’t squat so often and don’t do stupid heavy weights.

Kyle Vids says:

Dude, your content rocks!

Dazza McNeil says:

Does this guy have any qualifications?

God Niiji says:

I got shit under my knee some months ago. Had I would’ve done theses I’d be fine.

A German Sherman says:

literally here so i can get sturdy without murdering my knees

r ramirez says:

Thank you for this video, I tore the LDL and ACL last year and need to get my knees stronger without tearing the ligaments again

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