Chair Fitness Low Impact Workout | Easy Seated Exercise | 30 Minutes | Limited Mobility Home Workout

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Chair Fitness Low Impact Workout is an easy seated exercise home workout. The exercise moves are safe, fun effective to help you exercise within your limited mobility range of motion. This workout will help you burn fat, enhance your cardiovascular system, strengthen your body, lift up your mental, emotional and spiritual state. Great for baby boomers, seniors any one who needs to sit exercise and get fit.

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Debby Wycye says:

Love this…thanks, Paul!!!

Diane Oliver says:

This workout is so great that I completed two nights back to back

Bonita Gilliam says:

Thank You SO much Coach Paul Eugene> This is Dr. Bonnie here in Illinois. You have helped me very mush to start back exercising. I got a not very good health report a few months ago but when I go in June I know I'm gonna have much better numbers! I'm continuing with prayers and meditation and I've improved my eating. I am coming out to Pittsburgh (my home town is about 30 miles from there) soon. My family will all be hearing about you and what an inspiration you are to me! Thanks again Coach Paul Eugene.

Cassandra Bell says:

Great workout and great music to go along with the workout 💪🏽💯❤️🔥

Debbie Howell- Ipox says:

Thank you ! Always a great workout !

Terri Pressley says:

Yay!! Just what I've been Looking for. 🙂

htway maung says:

how many calories lost? how many steps?

Simone Bordelon says:

Thank you Paul your exercises are great appreciate

L C says:

Another great video

Coffee and Doughnuts Art Studio says:

This is EXACTLY what I needed, post Covid. THANK YOU! I love your outlook, positivity & energy. 😄

Ellie Kate says:

Great workout, thanks Paul!

Bridget Johnson says:

I love this workout. Thank you.

Lisa-Lin B says:

Coach Paul Eugene, you are becoming daily habit which is a good thing! 😃I never would have believed to ever get a good work out IN a chair. I can tell a difference as I walk, and even parking just just a ways farther from the door, just to see. Got a ways to go, yet feels good. Thank you much!

lisa bradford says:

Great grandpa?? I can't tell! 😆

Diane Oliver says:

Hi Paul getting my steps in thanks to you.

Eleanor Berberick says:

As usual, I enjoy your workouts. However, I have a problem with music so loud that I could hardly hear you. I kept on keeping on tho. I so enjoy your enthusiasm and encouragement. Thanks for all you do.

Cassandra Bell says:

Great chair workout 🏋️‍♀️

Jojuan Gallman says:

Coach Paul Eugene let me start by saying I love you and your videos. I've been working out with you for almost a year and I always get a good and challenging workout. I tested positive for Covid-19 early this week and today I was extremely exhausted. I had to get my last workout in for this week and I knew you'd have something on here that I could do even being sick. This seated workout hit the jackpot! I started out seated for the first 10 minutes and I stood for the rest of it (modified with my own flare and I think you'd approve). You are such a blessing to my life and I'm so thankful to have found you.

Marilyn B says:

Hi how are you? Love the background & music. I even improvised & stood up walking, standing up, etc Thanks

Karla Knighton-Beatty says:

Greetings from Ypsilanti, Michigan! Glad to start the new year working out with Paul Eugene!

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