Chair Aerobics Fitness Fun | 29 Minutes | Seated Exercise | Limited Mobility | Seniors Baby Boomers

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Chair Aerobics Fitness Fun is a low impact seated exercise for anyone with limited mobility, baby boomers, seniors or anyone who wants to try something different. The exercise moves are safe fun and effective and will get your heart rate up and help burn fat and lose weight. You will have so much fun that you will forget that you are exercising.

Equipment Needed: Sturdy Chair or Wheel Chair

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inma blanco font says:

Excellent, good job ♥️😅👍

BM Watt says:

He is SOOOO DARN CUTE, Like a big teddy bear who is VERY PHYSICALLY FIT!! You just want to give him a BIG old bear 🐻 hug. Thank you, YOUR GREAT!!

Lisa-Lin B says:

Too much ice cream, too much weight on the knee. I knew I had to do something. I logged off from work today and put on this video. Felt good to move, even tho I sat! Holly is delightful and from a place I want to visit– Nova Scotia! Thank you for this. I will definitely be back!!!

Missy Meighan says:

Thank you for these seated workouts! I hurt my knee and it feels good to do some aerobic activity!

Kyndal Wilkinson says:

Hi Paul! I am an activity director for an assisted living facility near KCMO! We only exercise to your videos. Our residents LOVE your energy and positivity. Thank you for all you do and I encourage you to keep making your seated workouts, your work makes a big difference. If you want to give our dedicated ladies a shoutout, we are from The Village in Cameron, Missouri!

nessie mupfeki says:

I am here due to a knee injury I am recovering from. Trying to minimise weight on the knee. Hope to b back to standing workouts soon . These are good

Ellie Kate says:

Always enjoy this video, cheers me up while keeping fit at same time, thanks again, Paul and Holly.

Grand Yamz says:

Paul Eugene, its The Grand YAMZ here!, my names Tam, im still workin out with you…almost 3 months now! Every day, i only missed 4 or 5 days out of the 3 months.
I love yaw!!! God bless all and love and bless Jesus And God, so God bless God 2!!! 😆🤣😂

Silvia Elena Bonilla says:

It's very good. I thanful wlth you. I'm better for this exercises.

Hiền Nguyễn thị says:

Không có gì là không thể, POR YOU

janine cox says:

Good morning Sir! I had injured myself badly and I broke my 2 thigh bones and it’s going to be slow healing but I will be fine in about 6 to 8 weeks!

Diane Oliver says:

Enjoyed doing this workout with you Paul and Holly 👌👍💁

Victoria Velazquez says:

Me gusta mucho esos ejersisios grasias

đạtgaming TV says:


Paz Avila says:

I love this work out. This is good for the senior like me. Thanks so much.


Wow that was great. Simple aerobic love it. Especially for someone who has broken leg like me, and have astio atritis on my knee. Love this aerobic so much

Semona Alie says:


janine cox says:

Good Saturday morning 2 u! I like this exercise video very much and I like Holly with her fun exercise pants on ! Thanks again and have a safe and wonderful July 4th weekend!

Dolores says:

Good fun with Holly
This is Dolly

Silvia Elena Bonilla says:

Thanks You Paul for You work.

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