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After a knee injury or knee surgery, or the acute phase, there is often knee pain with movement. These beginner knee pain relief exercises should help get your muscles moving and activating without too much pain. More Dr. Jo knee pain exercises: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqkndmrDoCw&list=PLPS8D21t0eO8bRyNBvm5NULZeCKPsnP3Q&index=9&t=0s

The first knee pain exercises are isometric exercises. These will help all the muscles around the knee. Quad sets help activate the quadriceps muscles, hamstring sets help activate your hamstring muscles, hip abduction isometrics in hooklying help activate your hip abductors (like your IT band and gluteus medius), and hip adduction isometrics in hooklying help activate your hip adductors (like your groin and adductor muscles).

Seated exercises can also be helpful with knee pain without being painful. Seated heel/toe raises, seated hip flexion, and seated long arc quads (LAQ) or knee extensions should help relieve knee pain.

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7 Easy Knee Pain Exercises for Beginners:

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AskDoctorJo says:

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pat mccann says:

Thankyou very helpful.

Martin Mclintock says:

I walk with elbow crutches and in the last 6 weeks my left leg keeps over extending are there an exercise that can help thanks

Priyanshu says:

Mam can knock knees cause knee pain?

I am 15 years old having knock knees and whenever I run my knees pain a lot.

Please help

Herminia Sheridan says:

Thank you for sharing, it really helps . 👌❤️

Zyn Nauf says:

I hv been working out since long. Hv 3 kids. I workout on every place,hard , cemented bare feet..now I have hurt my right knee off course I also have to stand for longer period. I am unable to fold my knee or can't put pressure on it. I come here to find solution. Hope it would be helpful

Tristan Lee says:

By far the simplest and best videos I had ever watched, I really loved your page. I am a Fan and pain free. 🤘🤘🤘

jaison jj says:

Thanks Dr. Jo for your videos, its very helpful for people who cannot visit dr.s, Am working in ship 🛳 and we have 6 to 10 floors of climbing stairs and my knee really burns and feels weak, Hope it will be OK with your exercises.
Thanks a lot and God Bless you 🙂

Jeannie Jones Selfie Girl says:

Recently, I worked out running, kneeling, squatting, and lunging too much at the beach, in the gym on a hard floor, and on cement sidewalks over 6 miles a day. It was too much for a girl in her 50's. Therefore, I hurt my left knee. I am strengthening both my knees now doing exercises like Joe's. Love her pup and video. What saved my knees is Taurine, Glucosamine, Turmeric, and Magnesium which ALL get rid of Inflammation. I COATED my knees and Massaged them Daily with FRESH ALOE in MY GARDEN. The Aloe Soothed and Strengthened my entire body. Try these tricks too for immediate relief. I had to SHARE because it WORKS! Luv Ya knee pain sufferers. You WILL get better but DON'T leave out the Supplements and Rest after Rehab. Don't do what the SPAGIRL did and OVERDO the Exercise.

Parrot fable says:

Exercises are good but I can't see anything under these subtitles :/

sanam fida says:

Hey Doctor! I guess i have left knee joint lateral Quadricep sprain. Because when i flex my knee joint , i feel pain in the muscle. Are these exercises for muscle spasm???


Hey d.r jo thank you so much for this video my mother do this exercise and she recovered thankx alot and she also thank ful to you

Sarthak Kansal says:

Dr. Joe, can bridging be done in slight lower back pain?

S C says:

Seems it will work best for me,, Isometric!👌
Will start today 🙂

Chaz says:

Bruh I’m back I hurt my self again doctor jo my guy she always coming through

tony cat says:

Hi Dr Jo, I was told that squats were very good to strengthen the legs and knees,  I  need help I did 20 odd squats and I'm in agony with my top part leg muscles, any stretching you would recommend ?….  help.

Kirsty Macfarlane says:

I get terrible knee pain just before my perio, who knows why. I'll definitely be trying these! Thanks Jo 💕💕

zoran popovic says:

Thank you .

d x says:

Nice. Thanks! XO

Ronald Rose says:

Hello Dr. Jo, thank you for sharing those very helpful pointers. The best to you for a wonderful day.

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