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These hip and knee strengthening exercises are my favorites, and they will progress from fairly easy to a little harder, so there should be some that work for you. Find more knee and hip pain exercises here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z5W03XutXg&index=10&t=0s&list=PLPS8D21t0eO9IAk7n1m87qrL9emA7bpxE

The first two exercises are hip flexion and hip internal rotation. These are a good way to focus on the hip muscles, but not with too much resistance to start.

Then you will do hip abduction with a band and hip adduction with a ball squeeze. These are also very important to keep the pelvis and SI joint in alignment, so sometimes people feel a little pop with these.

Now getting a little harder, you will go back to the seated hip flexion, hip internal rotation and now hip external rotation too, but now use a band at your feet. This will help activate other muscles and get them working together.

The last three exercises are a progress of sit to stand or squats. First you will do them without resistance, then with a band, and then with a ball squeeze. Make sure you are using correct technique for this movement.

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10 Best Hip & Knee Strengthening Exercises:

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Shrikant Hande says:

This is Awesome
Thanks Doc❤️❤️

Sucheta Thigale says:

Mam we are doing this exercise in knee gap condition please guide

Kiran Sharma says:

Great exercises. Thanks .❣ 😊

Forenza Audio says:

As a person that is a poor runner, I can really feel how this is what I've been needing. Thought it was just an energy thing, but it was always the hips that were tired before anything else.

Henry Hudson says:

Thanks for the exercises I will try them. I have hip arthritis and the flexor muscles are like banjo strings. Any videos on the use of a hip brace?

Taslima Akhter says:

You doing wonderful work.

Chatrati Venkata Murali manohar says:

Madam namaste Will please inform me suitable exercises on chair for persons suffering from Parkinson’s decease and not able to stand for a long time like me Please help me -Muralimanohar Retired chief manger of SBi

girlscandrum22 says:

Thank you!!! Is there any way to get a printout with these exercises?

Diane None says:

How often should a person do these exercises? Everyday, every other day, I have osteopenia. Will these exercises help? Thanks

John Ossendorf says:

Nice Green Lantern socks !

Ryszard Tychawski says:

Thank You Doctor Jo…You help my old body to keep in good shape and condition

Sola Olaniyi says:

Thanks so much for these! Blessings

Esther Stock says:

Wow! Started off my day limping. Did ALL these exercises and am walking almost normal. Thank you so much !!

Mary McClure says:

Dr. Jo, I have. Dx of PFPS (5 mos ago) and have had a recent tissue irritation flare up. I am supportive of Dr. Dye’s envelope of Fx and so I am resting my knee from most load bearing activities. However, I am continuing my PT exercises that maintain and strengthen my quads, glutes, hamstrings and hips. I especially want to strengthen my hips because I have had a bit more pain in the hinge spot where quad and hip meet on the leg (RT) that is experiencing PFPS. My quad had atrophied a bit so I am guessing the rest of my RT side has weakened as well. Are the exercises good for my situation? If bot can you recommend any other video you have made that would be a better fit. My goal is to rest the knee from loading while strengthening the muscles around my knee. Thank you!

carole james says:

thank you so much, very helpful. I used a pillow and it seemed to work just fine.

anna buat says:

Hi Dr Joe wow I’m doing these exercises and it’s so hard! Had 2 knee surgeries last year and lm so happy l found you! I also do other exercises, thank you so much 😊

Sireno Rebello says:

Thank you so much Dr. Jo. my kiné did give me the same exercise. 🙏

Jatinder Singh says:

Like👍😍 video

Mark O says:

Again, thank you Dr Jo!
My hips definitely need strengthening!

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