Fuzion Fitness with Alexis #31: Chair Workout – November 2015

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This episode of Fuzion Fitness with Alexis features a chair workout for Senior Citizens.


joelazarie rahmatt says:

what song title on 10.30 ,,,,singer ?

lockhartmaryann says:

Loved this workout sharing with others found thru AARP

Glenace Brown says:

Why doesn't your chair based exercise video show anyone who might actually need to do ctair based, i.e. wheelchair bound, elderly, or with some extra pounds???? Why don't you give any instructions over the volume of the music, or demonstrate any of the motions slowly, before jumping in at 90 miles an hour??? Very frustrating and maddening.

Jacqueline Norris says:

I just came across your video,I Love It and I will be doing this daily! Thank you so much!

Supra Shan says:

Am in a wheelchair due to an injury…so uplifting! Had a wonderful workout. Keep at this creative workout design…need more & longer chair workouts😀👍👍👍

Fit MamaC says:

Very creative! I’ve been teaching chair fitness recently and I love how you incorporate dance elements. TY!

Tracy Gladen says:

I ran across this video today and I had to subscribe to your channel. In Nov I sprain my calf and it was painful to do standing workout. I loved the workout and music. I couple the workout with pilates. I was a daddy's girl so it was nice to see your father participating. Great job!

hector hardy says:

like alexis

Donna Sue says:

67,loven this,thanks,,gonna do it for sure,

Willow Grace says:

Love this 😍

Nikita Rayner says:

So glad I found this knees are just not what they use to be and I really enjoyed this workout the music was so good I have a smile on my face after I finished.

Ruth DiPoalo says:

I am an out of shape 53 year old woman and I love these chair workouts to get me back into the swing of things before venturing to more rigorous standing routines. You are such a beautiful group people who clearly love what you're doing! I love the music selections and also how you don't talk alot during the workouts. I will be exploring more of your workout gems and thank you so much for helping me getting motivated.

Olivia Allen says:

Hi Alexis,
I love your program. I am look forward to your next video.

La Tonya Brown says:

love the music who made it thanks

La Tonya Brown says:

love this thanks

Chell73 says:

This was awesome!! I am in a wheelchair and this workout got me excited about working out again. I love the music and energy. Thank you do much!!❤️❤️

T B says:

It was good my mom is 83 and she had a rough time with some of the moves being so fast

Juanita Giddeon says:

Thank you. I have knees, hip and shoulder issues. These issues makes me shy away from working out but I truly enjoyed this workout! I was able to push myself and I was motivated to do more. 😊

Sally Lederer says:

I'm off my feet because of knee surgery. This is so much more fun than the exercises the doctor told me to do. Physical therapy needs to learn to work with music if they want people to do this stuff. Thank You! What a beautiful group of people.

Kirsten V says:

I'm a Zumba instructor who just had foot surgery. This is just what I need to keep dancing while my foot heals!! Thank you!!!

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