Balance Exercise for Seniors

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Elderly are at high risk for falling. Other factors that may cause a fall are peripheral neuropathy, vision problems, pain, and leg weakness. The best way to prevent a fall is to perform exercises to strengthen your balance reactions and to strengthen the legs. This routine will help to strengthen all of the areas of the body and are essential for maintaining balance.

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michelle banks says:

This is another great video!! Dr. Tobias u r the best!!

Timothy Jones says:

Excellent video! Very simple exercise but well worth the effort. Thank you

Greg says:

Very good video

husien alghazali says:


Pamela says:

Thankyou so much ,I have had a few falls and thin skin ☹️ will keep doing this every morning πŸ™

Radhakrishin Keshwani says:

I am 74 years old and have issues with my balance while walking especially outside like in the mall etc.
I feel doing your balance exercises is helping me.
Please more such videos for improving balance for elderly people like me.
Thanks a million!@

Reynaldo Crisostomo says:

another good videofor more improvement in balance.

mtunderhill Underhilll says:

stop so much talking and just get to the exercises

sonia mathews says:

Thank you for your exercises

Lory Lou says:

Thank you so much πŸ₯°.
You are a gift from God!

Bridget Palmer says:

Love these exercises. Hope it helps me.

Willie Wiley says:

Thank you. Will add the pillow balance exercise to my routine.

Eleni Chouvarda says:

Tara, i like that this one i haven’t seen before. Go girl! πŸ‘πŸŒ·

Christine Birrell says:

Mighty. Thanks for the simple, strait forward, doable home exercise.

M R says:

Hand does not hold pen to write..? Fingers odd…? Other hand got the brains resources?!..

Toufic El Awar says:

Thank you DR. TARA amazing like always. But if the patient have tremer how can he make it? In addition these prioproception exercises more advanced for stroke patients? Anw thank you for your help and time. God bless you

Aneesh ms says:

valuable information

Karteek Kumar says:

Hello doctor;
How fix circumduction gait during walk my weak part is left side. Could you please fix gait issue with exercises

Ronald Kong Quee says:

good job..thank dr. TT

dhara brahmbhatt says:

Thanks for uploading this u are awesome

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