5 BEST At Home Exercises For Men Over 50 (DO THESE!)

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Guys… I want to give you my 5 favorite exercises for us men over 50 to do at home. Stick around and let’s get started!

All you need for this workout are dumbbells and some resistance bands. These exercises are designed to hit every muscle in our body.

Let’s get started with these exercises.

Exercise #1: DUMBBELL PUSH UP WITH LEG RAISE. The reason we are using dumbbells is because it helps us get a deeper stretch. As you go down, alternate raising your legs. Raising a leg each time will help you have even more range of motion when doing the push ups.

Exercise #2: DUMBBELL CURLS DROP SET. I want you to start with the most weight you can do, while utilizing good form. Make sure not to swing your arms. Just bend at the elbows, and control the weight throughout the whole range of motion. This is a fantastic exercise to get a great pump in your biceps.

Exercise #3: ARNOLD PRESS. You want to do this exercise seated. Start with your palms facing your shoulders. As you go up, rotate them outward and as you go down, have your palms face your shoulders again. The twisting motion in this exercise, helps to engage all 3 muscle heads in your shoulders.

Exercise #4: LAT PULLDOWN with resistance bands. You want to have your anchor up high. Preload the resistance bands so there is already tension before starting the exercise. Focus on bringing your elbows down and back as far behind you as you can. Avoid just trying to bring your hands down. Have a slow controlled movement, and really squeeze when you pull your elbows back.

Exercise #5: BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUATS. Put one leg back on a table or chair, and do a one-legged squat. You are going to do this for each leg, and trust me the more you do this the easier it will be to balance.

Thank you guys for watching this video tutorial with 5 great at home exercises for men over 50.

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Live Anabolic says:

Since a lot of places are taking a step back after re-opening gyms…

And they're back to shutting the doors…

Or making you wear masks while working out (which isn't comfortable at all)… 

A lot of guys are looking to get strong, ripped, and get their body back at home… 

So today I want to give 5 of the BEST exercises men over 50 can do at home to get in great shape.

Leonardo Iglesias says:

How do you fix the bands and what adjustment thing for the dumbbells is that?

Bill Papavasiliou says:

Hi Mark thanks for this great video it’s helped me immensely. Cheers from Down under man Melbourne AUSTRALIA

Jerrett Russell says:

Hi and thank you. Can I do these exercises every day or do I need to take a day off


Sticking to the basics is by far the safest and most effective method of exercise known to mankind. Before launching my career in the fitness industry as a trainer and nutritionist, my back was falling apart during my college years – That was eons ago!! Given the fact I had crippling back spasms, sticking to safe core workouts and simple push / pull routines, helped me strengthen my back and build the physique I have today at 50!! Keying in on nutrition and making sure that's on point coupled w/ safe, simple consistent exercises can go a long way!! Satay STRONG, my dear amigos!!

NGU Fitness Motivation says:

Fellow over 50 Fitness person… great content

A Regular Guy says:

I am over 50, and I have suffered injuries to both knees, ankles and shoulders. I can't do push-ups any longer, and I am limited in weight training. I stopped doing pilates due to back pain which may have been caused by poor lifting technique at a job over 30 years ago. However, I still keep myself active and advise others to do the same. We all want to remain healthy as we age, and sitting on the couch will not get us there. My knees crack and pop whenever I bend down, but I decided to test my vertical leap recently. You can see the result using the link below:


Flying carpet1113 says:

How to get in shape after 90 ?

Matthew Cook says:

Do you ever talk about diet or pre or post workout eating or shakes?

Nasir Ali says:

Beautiful demonstration.

Michael Mozitis says:

Not really raising your leg…an isometric contract sure…but as your body drops into the push-up….the “raised” leg isn’t really being activated other than isometrically….and for men with shoulder issues…past injuries…to dip down that deep is contraindicated…

Kenneth Canning says:

Love live anabolic I'm 56 I'm talked into my own little gym in my garden apartment he explains everything I stumbled into this by mistake and haven't been disappointed yet

Coleen Padberg says:

That's impressive. Wow!!!

kaylee1883able says:

What exercise is good to grow traps?
I see you lacking on traps.

Leo Lee says:

What about Chin- up and pull- up ? I am 55 +

Belly Dance By Dana says:

Great video ❤️❤️❤️

sreejith c says:

Hi. I am regularly watching your vedio . Could you suggest how many days to do weekly .

Dean Waller says:

You can also use the continuous loop bands for Bulgarian split squats,simply stand on the middle of the band,take the two ends n hands and you're good to go,and you can load the movement a lot more safely as well

David Q 777 says:

This is an excellent video and I also bought your program! I can't seem to find a good place to do the lat pulldowns with resistance bands. Do you have another exercise you can recommend instead? Thanks!

MegaSuperfight says:

– Really amazing video, bravo, bravo once again bravo !!!
– And for my part, I invite all of you to watch this video, which shows the 55 years old Karate master hard workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_9bc-t3Cs4&t=17s

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