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A workout that gives you energy? Is that possible?! Yes it is! Getting more oxygen to your heart, lungs and brain is the key to having more energy. This workout has 4 parts: A warm-up with flowing movement to improve mobility, a simple cardio segment to elevate the heart rate, postures to improve muscular endurance and we’ll end with moving balance exercises. Let’s get started!

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Martha Sanchez says:

I am glad I found your amazing workouts.

jackie lamarche says:

Dear Andi!
Your are priceless and so much fun 🤩 20 minutes goes so fast and make us feel so good! Many thanks, Muchas Gracias et Merci!

Joy Connell says:

Thank you so much. It felt so relaxing and like it was in control, someone, of my body. I hope you have a beautiful day also.

doris leyba says:

This is a modified standing Yoga & Tai Chi exercise. #rememberingwhen 🤭
(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~love it, and I get to do it im a slower concentrated movement, just like Tai Chi & Yoga

Lana Pommer-Helmke says:

Great workout! Thx much! I'm ready to roll!

Lana Pommer-Helmke says:

Loved this! Invigorating! Thx 4 a great workout!

Peggy B says:

Great workout.👍

Diana Bailey says:

Thanks for basic easy to do at my age exercises.

Deb Schmidt says:

I had difficulty following her right vs left.

Margarete K says:

Awesome loved this thank you 🙏🙏🙏

Ann Roman says:

This is a great easy workout to just give your body a boost when you are tired. Love it!

Mary Lei says:

Very good instructor and program. I got a little confused with front and back but ok.

Martha Duran says:

I just love this channel. Thank you! New subby here!

Sue Penn says:

Thank you for this!

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