20-Minute Cardio & Core Workout for Seniors

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Looking to get in some cardio while also working out your core? Look no further! 20 minutes is all you need for this full-body, no-equipment workout that can be done from anywhere.

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Rivka Bialik says:

Great way to start my workout. Now to more intensive work. Really enjoy your calmness and encouragement.

Ana Nimity says:

Do you have exercises I can do for extreme muscle weakness because of Graves Disease?

DConfessional8 says:

How do you get legs like that?? Andi has the nicest legs on YouTube!!

Dorothy Negri says:

Love your workouts, Andi! Thanks for all you do. 💞💪🏻

Martha Sanchez says:

Your workouts are very motivated thank you.

Billsmary Sam123 says:

Thank you miss you on Zoom classes! I hate my insurance com for taking it away! I love seeing Molly today!

Melody Firmani says:

Thank you, that was energizing!

Carole Levine says:

Andi's workouts are consistently fabulous! Another winner.

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