10 Minute Seated Exercises for Seniors, Elderly, & Older People

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10 Minute Seated Exercises for Seniors, Elderly, & Older People

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Bob and Brad demonstrate a ten minute seated exercises for seniors, elderly, or older people.

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D Hoosier says:

Hi, guys!
Would y'all PLEASE explain, & educate more about the WEAKNESS in 60+ older when getting up from a chair, seated position?
Sadly, I'm having THAT issue to the point I'm going to NEED a specific chair to lift me (my butt) up out of a chair. I was ALWAYS VERY STRONG, as a female. Always played with/against the guys in high school. After 40, my health, etc. went waaaay downhill. I'm not able to do much. At 16, I was diagnosed with Condra Malaysia patella.
For last 15 years been getting Synvysc (big ones, so no need to come back for another injection in both knees in a week OR two. Doc injecting me in boarded a little of steroids.
For whatever reason, I'm diabetec, NEVER had any issues with BP before….
But, my BS went up to 600+ NO control over my numbers!! And, my BP went completely berserk!!
282/181 !!! What!!?? 🤔
My doc said to go to ER, NOW!! AMAZINGLY, it took them 4 full days to finally get everything back to where it should be. 😳
My knees are TRYING to 'heal' now.
I'm DESPERATELY TRYING to locate GOOD excercises that wont mess my back, knees, or neck up.
I had C4 C5 C6 worked on about 5 years.
Cadaver shavings placed in a 'cage' received new disc,
fusion, etc.
I desperately NEED some help locating & using
an easier type excercise now that my degenerative disc disease has really done a number one my overall body.
SAD. I USED to always do 500 sit-ups, beat all the guys in high school when I'd do leg-press!! Yeah.
470 LBS. They finally watch me do them because they simply didn't believe me. 😅 🏆
Thanks to you BOTH!!

Sue Anderson says:

Thanks — very helpful.

Michelle Phillips says:

This was so good. Thanks you 2 famous guys!

Barbara Hughes says:

Have added most of your exercises to my routine. Had spinal fusion done cervical, and T-7 to illium. Surgeon did not hear me, and I now have loose hardware. Trying to stay motivated, your videos help. Thank youp

yasmeeniqbal69 says:

Interesting 👍🙏

Martha Hornus says:

Do you have any videos for stroke recovery in wheelchair. Left arm is paralyzed left leg some movement. Thanks love you guys…


Thanks! You guys make PT fun!

Mother of a BT says:

So funny. Love you guys

David Steinke says:

I do exercise for seniors at a day center,and was trying to figure out something new, this gave me alot of information. Thanks

The Left-Handed Crocheter Product Reviews says:

Brief, fun, and doable! Thank you, Brad and Bob.

Gayle Hall says:

Do these everyday. And love them

Dyan Te says:

Hello, unfortunately you two are a hot mess! As a recreation assistant in a LTC home I am always looking for new material for our exercise program. Please advise your audience of any exercise equipment before your program starts as once we start it’s too late to get said equipment. ie: belts, towels, weights etc. My resident’s comments are you guys are “disorganized.” Thank you, 💕Vancouver Island Canada ✌️

Pamela Williams says:

Both you guys are great fun – both of you can talk – banter if fun

Ms. Vee says:

Thank you for your service. It is invaluable.

Phyillis Reid says:

i just started this is good thanks

Liz McCue says:

Bob, don't be mean to Brad. You couldn't do this show without him!!!

Gran Grampa says:

Where’s my comment

Gran Grampa says:

Oh you guys are great I’m 68 so out of shape even though I’m skinny and tall this is my first exercise with you in chair loved it but who sweats during chair exercises plus I have arthritis screws and rod in leg from broken hip repair and total knee replacement in same leg I also back pain I’m really looking forward to keeping up with your exercises they are great 😊

shu chu Lo chiang says:

It is very good for chair work out .Thank you .

theirishroses says:

Thank you guys good job!

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