Lumbar Nerve Flossing

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DG says:

fixing my posture, resting, and doing this trick helped my back pain!

anwŕ ský says:

من الكتب التي تستحق القراءه
أعمدة الحكم السبع
القلاع الصليبيه
للورنس العرب

Jo R says:

Do you have one for femoral nerve flossing pls

Unread messages says:

Thank you for the common mistakes portion as well. Very helpful video.

Pam Hibbs says:

Excellent exercise, especially when leg goes into spasm

mariam Adam-Noor says:

But it's hurting 😢?

gymguy25 says:

I have a question: I have gluteal atrophy and doing all kinds of gluteal activation exercises doesn't help much if at all so I suspect the problem may be in the nerves. This floss is usually done for the sciatic nerve, will it floss my other gluteal nerves at the same time and hopefully reactivate whatever has shut down in there?

Winston Wolf says:

Did this
Big toe hasn't stopped vibrating on and off since 🙄

Cindy Getchonis says:

Excellent instructions! Thanks!

Siddhi Dhumal says:

For how many days should we continue this exercise ?

nievesl315 says:

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Jame Andy says:

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Adrian Foley says:


Eve Mcardle says:

His on earth do you expect someone with a bulging disc to sit when you know most cannot it’s to painful this is for someone with a healthy back no wonder pbhysio does not work

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