Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Surgery

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Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Surgery is possible. Sounds unlikely? Do these exercises and give it a try.

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0:00 Introduction
0:37 Exercise 1
3:55 Exercise 2
4:55 Medi Foam Roller


Liebscher & Bracht – The Pain Specialists says:

If this video helped you, we would be very happy if you subscribe to our channel to get more videos for your pain!

WordWide says:

From my own journey trying to find a treatment for knee osteoarthritis best treatment and management for knee oa

WordWide says:

Best way to manage knee OA

Mark Atherton says:

my left knee particularly is so painful – i have just registered for a replacement knee operation … the wait will be one to two years !! i will try these exercises daily and see if they help – hopefully they do and i don't need the op !! fingers crossed

Bari Amado says:

Thank doctors

Savita Kadam says:

Can I do second excersize with laying down on ground

Jayamoni Patmanathan says:

Bending the knee was difficult as my knee was inflammed , what shd I do

Jayamoni Patmanathan says:

It gave me a relief, am so happy

Eileen Nisbet says:

So painful to do, but they worked, I can hardly believe it. Thank you very much.

Miss Bae says:

Didn't work

White Wolf says:

Hey, you give me hope. Let me ask you, so, I have arthritic knees, only my left one gives me trouble because of injuries. I want to be able to run, jump, and move fast again. No kidding. So, will this start tegenerating my lost cartilage? They tell me that I will have to have a knee replacement and I do not want to. I want to keep my bones and grow new cartilage.

Salwa Albaghdadi says:

Thank you so much for this video. How long should I do each one?

Al Salazar says:

How many times a day should this be done?

Red Norway says:

Can OA be reversed (at least to manageble level)?


Is it ok for old people

Joseph Gagaridis says:


Hemi Dave says:

Lying down while doing this is another option

Dexter Baptiste says:

My knees pain tremendously. They definitely have affected my mobility. I am becoming an ornament

Seamus Deiseach says:

Excellent Video.

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