Exercises for the achilles tendon and calf injuries | Feat. Tim Keeley | No.39 | Physio REHAB

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Eccentric calf raises (or ‘heel raises’) are still currently the most effective exercise to start strengthening the achilles tendon and calf for a tendonitis, tendinopathy, calf muscle tears or post-operative achilles tendon repair.

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N.A. Leeuwin says:

I have a had archilles rupture almost 5,5 weeks ago. How can I train my calf properly and which excercises can I do in the meanwhile? Is spinning on a Bike with low resistance a good excercise?

R T says:

I have a lump on my Achilles from a previous injury. How can I get rid of it or will it ever go away. I’ve tried massage techniques and it has gotten smaller.

martin svensson says:

i had a bad stretch in the upper calves in the middle of gastrocnemius and was not able too go on my tiptoes on my left leg and had bad pains the first few days when walking. went too the hospital and they had no clue so they gave me some drugs and a pair of crutches and send me home too rest 🙃 its getting better now but i feel super weak but able too walk and whit assistance stand up on my tiptoes. thanks for the help

Achillios B.C says:

I needed this cause I had caught awful cramps in my calf & it went straight down to my Achilles

Mezi says:

what if my tenderness is right below my calf, will these still work?

Jonathan Vernon says:

This is one for me 😉

Carl Polk says:

That ball placement is a brilliant idea. will use in my rehab.

Monjed Seder says:

How i can contact you ?? Do you have WhatsApp… I have serious and complex tendons tension in my both legs… kind of disability 😔 I need your help if there is a possibility to remedy ☹

Michael says:

This stretch has really helped me!
Thank you so much 🙂

Mouni Mouni jesus says:

My sister suffering with tendon injury without surgery she complaint severe pain when doing active movements would u plz send me the correct way to treat her ur videos r very interesting and very easy to understand

Antonio Youssef says:

How many sets and reps should i do ?

Nino B says:

Great video 👍🏽

Vasileios Petropoulos says:

Why we are working on eccentric for calf strains? What is the benefit?

Scott Tomassetti says:

I have watch a few videos on Eccentric Exercises for Achilles Tendonitis, and yours is by far the most thorough and complete from beginning phase to advanced. NICE WORK!

يوسف راجي الجنة says:

I have a calcification in my Achilles tendon when I finish a football game I feel severe pain in my feet and I am very frustrated

Lam rof says:

Is this English?

Eazy E says:

Should you begin with isometrics before going with eccentrics?

D G says:

Hi. I was poisoned by the antibiotic Levaquin which wasted my calf muscles and ankle tendons. I am 10 months out and am walking. My Achilles is still tight, but I would like to rebuild the atrophied calf muscles. When I make a muscle with my calves, about one-third of the calf is just hanging loose. What can I do to start rebuilding the calf without injuring the Achilles. I am afraid of rupture, as these antibiotics(fluoroquinolones) can cause a rupture months after taking them. Thanks.

theFlossy says:

Basically I'm a fat mess and I struggle to get around college and walk my dog what is my responsibility , I just walk for 10-15 my calf/Achilles cause intense pain, is there anything I could find on your channel to help? Thanks 🙂

M Ohana says:

I recently injured my lower part of my calf. Should I wait till pain is completely gone before doing these rehab exercise? Thank u very much

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