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In addition to a herniated disc, sciatic pain can be caused by a few different things. These are my 5 favorite exercises for sciatica from a herniated disc. See more herniated disc stretches & exercises: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyEF16tBBxo&index=5&list=PLPS8D21t0eO-RMUZw1CSzzYRotJNy2MaM&t=0s

The first exercise is a pelvic tilt. This is a great way to get those pelvis muscles, core muscles, and trunk muscles moving.

Then you will go into a bridge. This not only works the pelvic muscles to help protect the spine, but it also works the glutes and hamstrings.

Next are clamshell exercises. They look easy, but when they are done correctly, they do a great job of working the core and pelvic muscles.

Now you will do a bridge with a ball squeeze. The squeezing helps activate the adductors and inner thigh muscles to help all the muscles work together for a strong core.

Finally, you will do a prone bent leg lift. This again is great for working the gluteus maximus and hamstrings which are important for good trunk stability.

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5 Best Sciatica Exercises for a Herniated Disc:

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AskDoctorJo says:

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Atoreta16 says:

Is it ok to do these exercises on a bed?

Timothy Hsu says:

you always have the coolest socks 😜

madesh swamy says:

From karnataka.
Sir my problem is
Lumber spondylosis
Diffuse posterior disc bulge with small fissural tear at L4/L5 causing indentation of traversing nerve roots and
Broad based posterocentral and bilateral paramedian disc herniation at L5/S1 causing moderate compression of traversing nerve roots more left side. Pls help me sir doctor told surgery but i don't like sir pls give me sugestions

Mohammed Abdul aziz says:

Can i use pillow in the place of boll?

Karen Creftor says:

Hi Jo, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your videos! I have hEDS and had a hip subluxation. I couldn't get to see a doctor, but these exercises did the trick and it's meant I've had great improvement in pain, mobility and sleep. Thank you!!

Liz Lee says:

Can I do the exercises if the herniated disc is in L5/S1?

Diego Castro says:

For the glute bridge, do I push with my heels because for the piriformis syndrone you said to not to.

Marlene Tallent says:

You have helped me immensely! I have many questions but where can I get a good pillow. Have arthritis in my entire spine. Your pillow?

IOANA Nassar says:

Can we do the exercises with a paracentral disc protusion atL5S1 ?? Thank you

Joanna Savage says:

I’ve been subscribing to your site for several weeks now. I really appreciate your videos, they've given me good direction for taking care of my sciatic pain. I have a question. When doing the prone bent leg lifts, I experience some cramping in my hamstring muscle. Any suggestions?

Gareth Barker says:

Thanks Dr Jo. Could I ask you a question? I was told by my doctor to do bridges. I'm pretty strong though. Should they feel super easy? I did sets of 20, 30, 40, 50 and never felt fatigued. Should I weight them somehow?

Vale Rincon says:

Thank you for all your videos, I’ve been doing them for about two weeks and the pain it’s almost gone!🤩🤩🤩 but every time I do squats or butt workouts it hurts so bad, should I stop doing them? I have a bulging disc L5 S1 and it’s pretty frustrating because it makes me feel that is not going to heal🥺

Pranay Kothari says:

I seem to have all symptoms of sciatica due to herniated disc. But, when I press on my lower back, I feel intense pain. Is this also because of herniated disc or something else?

Pranay Kothari says:

Hello Dr. Jo,
I have subscribed to your channel. The video was great. I have 2 questions: 1. When I do these exercises I feel the pain in my lower back and leg, is that normal, or I should actually feel relief. 2. Usually within how much time should I feel significant relief?


Bhumika Bhalla says:

Thank you. This is helpful. Question: if sciatica is nerve related pain, then how do these muscle strengthening exercises help?

The Plant Eaters says:

I've been doing these for a few weeks now due to what I think is a herniated or bulging disk causing tinglingin BOTH but mostly my left. I feel like it is getting better and then regress and I get so 😞. Is it possible to have a disk causing problems on both legs and feet (mostly on my left though)? Is there an average time frame that it should heal (i know it is different for everyone)?

Jackie Adams says:

Thank you so much for these exercises! They truly have been helping my L5 S1 problem. Quick question, where can I get that pillow that you’re using? Thank you again for all your posts!

Dolor STM says:

I've got a protruding disc -is this the same as a herniated disc? Do you advise different exercises or the same exercises as shown in the above video? Thank you.

11losangeles says:

Thank you, Dr. Jo. How many times a day do you recommend doing these exercises ? I've been doing them once a day for over a week now, and I'm starting to feel better. I've got 2 herniated discs, but I don't have any back pain. All my discomfort, numbness and pain are in my right leg and glutes when I walk. Yet, my doctor never told me if this is sciatica or piriformis, caused by herniated discs. Again, thank you.

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