10 Exercises to Avoid With Sciatica (Bulging or Herniated Disc) or Back Pain.

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present 10 Exercises to Avoid With Sciatica (Bulging or Herniated Disc)or Back Pain.

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Parth S says:

Did any of you guys have had sciatica ever in your life (bob and brad)

The cat guy says:

You guys are funny

Doni G says:

My pain management doctor told me to lift weights that everything was okay 🙁 where are you guys located? I would love to come to you! If you are too far can you refer me to anyone on Long Island, New York?

Maria Mendez says:

Is running ok during sciatic pain?

Mad Ashell says:

audio is low….omg

Nancy Anne says:

Very informative, I’m also going to use this opportunity to recommend Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my type 2 Diabetes with his natural herbs supplements which I ordered from him after I contacted him on his YouTube channel

Jerry B says:

Good day, I had a bad pinched nerve c6;c7 and that got better after a few months but now a sciatic problem occurred every week or 2 I get a 30second paralysis when I turn left quickly. I’m not really sure what’s up or what to do?

Not much pain but I stop dead in my tracks….?

AR says:

I consulted 6-7 doctor for my disk extrusion…all them told to go for surgery…however finally I met a doctor who told me no need surgery only 1% required surgery …she told me first understand what causing sciatica and why it's not healing….she said Do not do those activity or postures which causes pain…our body have ability to heal it self if we give it time and right condition….it was inflammation which was stopping my body to heal ..so first she started some pain and Inflammation medicines with same time she told me to do sit and lay down in certain positions and avoid which things which causes sciatica …i followed all her guidelines and after 2 months by God Grace i am 95% recovered….don't loose hope people…it's treatable…i am from India . 🙏

smarzig says:

What about mowing the lawn?

Jarvis Friday says:

Can we do pull-ups, push ups, bench press, lunges, shoulders, biceps, triceps?🤔

Aribella says:

This is not the first time you two helped me out of a world of pain. Last time it was my neck, this time lower back pain and sciatica. I was walking miles and miles and hurt myself since I have a slight scoliosis. Already the pain is lessened from the exercises you gave here. Thank you so much. ❤️🙏🏼😊🍀

Anton Trukhanyonok says:

If only I knew this a few months ago. I made my sciatica so much worse that now there is a possibility of back surgery. Good to know what to avoid in the future when I hopefully recover!

Carol Donaldson says:

Oh you guys are so good. You keep me remembering all that I should do. Thank you for being there. Sincerely

Fahmi Ahmad says:

Walking long distance kills my back. Cycling also

John Saldana says:

Bob and Brad , thank you for letting us know what exercises to do so you don’t hurt your back . 👍🙂

Otterbandana says:

Squats are bad if air squats (Without weights)? Or are you speaking only if you are loading the spine with weights while squatting? Or any squats at all? My physiotherapist has me doing pulse squats on a Bosu.

Roberta Garland says:

I was a lifter,and I ended up having back disc surgery.It have me drop foot and a weak leg the pain was unbearable.You are right about these exercises.I am no longer able to lift or walk distances.I wish I knew all this before I started lifting.

Ambil Aevus says:

Newer cars have curved seats and head rests that seem to force ya curve forward.
I've been fighting that a good bit.

laki bhutia says:

Your videos are very helpful .

rlachermeier says:

Don't do bent over dumbbell rows

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