Shoulder Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises

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Shoulder pain can be caused by muscle tightness and/or weakness. These shoulder stretches and exercises may help relieve shoulder pain.

Watch more shoulder stretches here:

The first two shoulder stretches are pendulums and table slides. These will help loosen up the shoulder joint and relieve pain and tightness.

Next are shoulder exercises with a resistive band. Shoulder external rotation and rows help strengthen the muscles around the shoulder to help stabilize it, which will also relieve shoulder pain.

Finally, there are serratus punches. These can be done without or with a resistive band.

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Shoulder Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises:

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AskDoctorJo says:

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Gabriel Cruz says:

Thank god I found you, this quick little stretch and exercise helped out my shoulders a bit

MeivrYT says:

i hope i use this video on my vrchat 😀 im doing a vr gym with full body trackers in vrchat i hope ur ok for me sharing ur videos

Amie says:

Hi There. I have a question regarding shoulder pain. Left shoulder, It's causing pain in front bicep and down to elbow and now underneath bicep towards armpit. Would these excersies be beneficial for that? I sometimes feel like a squeezing cramp near armpit then it releases.

Thank you.
Amie.(from New Zealand)


These have really helped loosen up my shoulder and the pain has almost gone. Thank you so much. I've subscribed.

Jennifer Sayers says:

Oh i found it

brickbatz says:

@ 4:30 My right shoulder won't let me stretch a yellow band like that. My gal can do it. I've got a long way to go. 😢

Wonder br3addd says:

Awesome videos definitely subscribing.

Anan says:

I can’t buy from amazon to my country,
How can I buy a resistance band like yours?

Ibtesam Touseef Chohan says:

Such a cute dog 😍

volleyball love says:

Thanks mam you are awesome

Matija Dragutinovic says:

How many times a week should we do exercises for triceps and shoulder tendonitis?🤗

Nidhi Arya says:

Hi, i am having pain in my left shoulder, dont know why?? I think its due to sitting more and holding my phn or ipad most of the time. But the pain is bad. And the pain is causing some stiffness in the whole arm. I feel like stretching the shouldr and the arm to the back of my body as much as i can so i am doing it. But no relief. Can u suggest some excercise in particular for that. Also this pain starts going to my neck when it increases. Thank you.

Birds & Things says:

Awesome! Thank you. I really need ones I can do while sitting on a chair.

Victor Ferreira says:

Thanks for the video, struggling with a shoulder injury, so I joined your channel and following your exercises.

Hasan Mutlu says:

Türkiyeden Selam

RaMaLingam M says:

Hey doc jo, I saw your old shoulder relief exercise and those were great, especially the pendulum, I T W Y exercises were good. Now after 1.5 months of rest I did pushups and my anterior shoulder starts to pain again also I feel pain in upper part of arm, how many days should I need to rest??


You are like my favorite person of the week! I watch your videos in the morning and at night before going to bed. You know all my pain from sciatic nerve to the shoulder pain lol. The piriforma sciatic nerve is stuborn but it is getting better with your streches. 😃

ReKawn says:

Hi I’m wondering if you could give me advice for a tight rigjt quad I’ve done these stretches before but I’m not sure how much to do it or how long it takes you don’t have to do a video or anything just wondering what I should do it’s hard to play baseball when it hurts to run

Move with Jenn says:

Great video! Loved these exercises!

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