Knee Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises

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Knee pain can come from weakness and/or tightness in one of the muscles that cross the knee joint. These knee stretches & exercises may help provide knee pain relief. Buy a printable worksheet with these knee exercises & stretches at:

Quad stretches and hamstring stretches with a strap are a great way to relax the muscles and get a good stretch to relieve pain around the knee.

Quad sets and hamstring sets are isometric exercises that help activate the muscles, but don’t do big movements that might irritate the knee.

Hip adduction and abduction isometric exercises also help strengthening the muscles without irritating them.

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Knee Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises:

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AskDoctorJo says:

Buy a printable worksheet with the Knee Stretches & Exercises in this video:

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roshini Pariraj says:

Thank you doctor for being so kind to show these excercises.

Omar Lopes says:

Do you have a Facebook Instagram or Twitter account I could follow you on Doctor Jo

Bob Lee says:

Thank you soooo much Dr Jo! Recently had total knee replacement & took a fall (bam, ouch) a few weeks after surgery. You're exactly like the physical therapists that are helping me but you're making doing certain exercises possible at home. The left inside knee below the patella became so painful surgeon sent me to pain mgmt specialist. Thank you, you're wonderful & I'm going to make a routine for myself with your videos (within reason of course – disclaimer alert 😂) Hope to hear from you& keep this channel going

David Smith says:

This is really helpful! Thank you for this video..

Maska Lagao says:

Thank you again. I've been watching you for a few years and your videos have really helped me cope with my different issues. Thank you for your excellent work 😊

Renee Longstreet says:

Thank you Thank you! I have been doing these exercises and stretches for my knees as well as your shoulder tendonitis exercises and stretches (at 62 you have to take care of these issues which can cause you to be in active.) You have helped me to feel so much better🤸🏻‍♂️ You have also made me realize how much I miss my two loving Cocker Spaniels, Annie and Twink! It’s time to share the Love again.

Deepanshu says:

This exercise is beneficial for old man's??

Orion Caster says:

I’m only 19 but I’ve experienced knee pain for a while, now I’m going into the marines so this really helped thank you!

Rene Leal says:

Hi thank you for make it this videos ,can I ask one question how can I fix my knee from getting swollen

mandy coker says:

Thank You Dr. Jo for this video. I have OA and its awful, some days I can't walk because my knees hurt soooo much. I've had steroid shots and I take meds regularly but these exercises have been a God send. The first time I did them I was significantly better. Now I do them daily. Thank again so so much.

Abel flores says:

Doctor, Jo…Are you a mind reader? Literally the day you posted this video I had some knee pain but didn’t get around to your video until today since things got a little worse. Definitely helping! Thank you as always!

PS i wonder what your dog was telling you at the end? lol

Paul Harris says:

For years I've suffered with knee pain. Ive seen specialists. Been told its sunken arches to premature arthritis. 3 weeks of these stretches and pain has gone. Totally. Thank you so much.

Shanti Priya says:

Burning and pain on my upper right arm along with difficulty in rotating the wrist. Additionally, pain on both inner elbow bones when pressed. Is it anything serious?? Medical history includes chondromalacia patella grade 2 in the left knee since 2018 November. The burning sensation in the knee has also increased with increased crepitus and the right knee has also started getting affected. Are the two related? If not, what is the diagnosis. Thank you in advance.

Roshni Gurbuxsinghani says:

Heyy Can you please tell which exercises ca n control hand numbness 🥺🥺

Aqsa Niazi says:

Doctor jo. In arthritis resistance exercises are contraindicated??

resMOMsibility a Mother's responsibility says:

What if there's already terrible pain in the knee joint, especially a stretch at the back of knee

Jacqueline Ravensbergen says:

New subscriber alert! New subscriber alert! I recently have started working out and have been experience knee pain. I have been seeing a physio therapist, who has recommended many stretches/exercise that you've shown here! I am wondering about immediate pain relief. What is your advice on applying cold or heat to the knee? Also, do you recommend pausing exercising? I am tempted to just stop exercising as it was the origin of the pain. Thank you and I can't wait to dive into so many of your other videos!

JRG II says:

hello dr jo…i just started cycling dec 2019…sometimes when i started riding i can feel the tightness of the muscles in my arms and especially in my legs…during long rides i can't really perform particularly in climbs. What exercise do i need to do to strengthen my legs? I feel hopeless sometimes. Thank u!

JRG II says:

I'm doing pt now for knee pain….I want that stretch strap that you are using…

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