Frozen Shoulder Exercises V2 – Adhesive Capsulitis – Calcific Tendonitis – Shoulder Stiffness

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Frozen shoulder exercises to help lubricate and loosen your stiff shoulders. Shoulders can either be moving too much or moving too little or even have shoulder fixations while having rotator cuff tears. In turn, they need shoulder mobilization or shoulder stabilization or a combination of the two. These exercises are for tight shoulders from conditions like arthritis in the shoulder joint, a fractured shoulder joint that healed too tightly, adhesive capsulitis, scar tissue in the shoulder joint, overly tight muscles like the subscapularis muscle and in some cases of bone spurs in the shoulder area.
As always, listen to your shoulder and only do these if they do not exacerbate your shoulder pain.

Along with these exercises, get some ESWT (extracorporeal shockwave therapy) to hasten your healing.
Do my other Frozen Shoulder video:
Frozen Shoulder videos:

NEXT…Begin to strengthen with this workout

AND..Once you have full range of motion and no pain, start to strengthen with these videos:
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Enjoy your strong shoulders and let me know if you need to come into the office for further help. You can go to and click “book online”.

0:00 Start
0:03 Welcome To Your Free Up Shoulders
0:04 Sensory Stilumation
1:40 Knocking On The Door Of Life
2:48 Subscapularis Muscle
4:12 Swinging
5:25 Pendulum Exercises
7:12 Circles
8:38 Set Of Circles
9:44 Strengthening Exercises
11:13 Elbow Touches
12:12 Stretching


Nishanth Santhakumar says:

Doctor tell weight lose exercise

Melemel says:

Standing and jiggling? Shaking it out? Swinging arms around? Hurts just to watch. This is IMPOSSIBLE with frozen shoulder because of the intense pain, not to mention the lack of range of motion. Clearly does not understand the condition, or the patient experience.
Literally could not do ANY of these without severe pain.
Doesn't even specify which stage to do this either… Freezing, frozen or thawing?

Dr. Ushmita Hira says:

Hello Adam. Thank you so much for such a different (and friendly) approach in your videos. You are truly passionate and have love for your profession. I am a dentist who finds herself hunched over patients. Recently been struggling with shoulder pain readiatiing to neck on RHS.

A chiro here diagnosed this as the subscapularis m. being the problem. I would like to ask: which set of videos in your list may be best for what is looking like a frozen shoulder & kyphosis on the right side. And will this truly resolve just with exercise, given my work circumstances. Thanks in advance for an amazing channel that is so different from the usual.👏 🙏

Surya kanta Jana says:

Problem: cervical spondylosis in neck , frozen shoulder in right hand and pain . So please help me .

Surya kanta Jana says:

Congratulations you . Very very good exercise for frozen shoulder. It is very easier than another video. Your sympathetic , active co – operation and consideration inthis regard is highly be appreciated and solicited. Thanking you in anticipation.

Valentina Chappell says:

Bend the knees!

Mila Wati says:

Thank God I'm from Indonesia grateful that I've only been to this therapy once,, my left hand now,, I already feel a bit comfortable in the movement,, thank you for the knowledge,, nice to meet you

Alka Chitnis says:

Hey Doc , thanks for sharing this fantastic video. I am also a senior medical practitioner and nowadays struggling hard for my injured shoulder. Your video has given me a boost of new techniques which I can slowly follow along with my regular physiotherapy . The way you have explained the exercises, is just amazing. Thanks 🙏 once again.

Ruphali Mokhati says:

Adam you r amazing….with u all seems easy….100_100 helpful videos Dr

Amiya Patel says:

Super helpful thank you. Where is the second video for frozen shoulder?

Michael Fox says:

Thanks I wanted to do the right things,Great stuff,My right shoulder is my bad one…

Raquel Barua says:

Thank you so much for your video. I am suffering right now for a Frozen Shoulder

carolyn says:

Thank you thank you. I had covid in Sept and started with this aching persistent bone deep sensation in dec… Finally went to the doctor and have him tell me its a frozen shoulder. Still waiting on the ins co to approve PT… But i started with these videos on Monday and i cant believe how much more movement i have today already. . Thank you.

Lizlie Allen says:

What is the exercises thanks

Lizlie Allen says:

How about stiff neck

Sharda Gaikwad says:

Thank you so much sir God bless you 🙏🙏

Marivic Amor says:


Amelita Estimo says:

Thanks so much for sharing this video exercises Dr. Fields. God bless you

faisha123 says:

I have post rotator cuff repair frozen shoulder. Can you refer me to a colleague in Gwinnett county(north of Atlanta) Georgia, USA

Syed israr Ahmed says:

Is there necessary to take madicen for ferozen shoulder or only exercise enough for heal ferozen shoulder? plz answer

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