Beginners Aqua Aerobic: Easy Pool Workout #1

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Back to The basics Part 1 :Highly requested Aqua Aerobic for beginners or anyone who has some limitations/ history of injury, or simply want an easier workout.
Enjoy slow piece, low impact exercises with no equipment .
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W746 DELI says:

Thank you 🙏 so so much for sharing, I have bad knees, I will continue to look out for your videos

Michelle G says:

Thank you!!!!! Just found you. 🙂

Lisa Sprouse says:

Can't go in pool yet. To cold

melody spaw says:

I love this 🥰🙏

L444A says:

I loved this. Inspired to do a daily workout

Adam Crane says:

Hi Marzena! Loving your videos – so helpful! What sort of music do you use for your workouts?

Fitness Anytime and Anywhere by Marzena says:

If you have enjoyed this workout and want to take your Aqua Experience to the next level, try On Demand Aqua Workouts. No ads, professional 4 k videos with your favorite virtual Aqua Aerobic Instructor Marzena leading you each step of the way. See you there!

Em Sm says:

Thanks for a great video. What brand of shoes are you wearing in this video? Have looked at your shop and unfortunately cannot find them. Thank you

ام سعود الشهري says:

مره روعه صراحه

veena mirchandani says:

Any video for seniors excersice in pool

Sharon Marshall says:

Thank you for this video! I have various physical issues and this is just right for me!

Australia My Way says:

Thank you this is brilliant and what I need

Katielaine Designs says:

Wonderful as always! Thank you!

rebecca pratt says:

Loved the video!

Cindy Mindy Loves says:

Those shoes are nice where did you get them?

Kate Johnson says:

Absolutely love your videos! Thank you so much for all of them, I just moved to Florida so I’ve been doing this in my new pool!

Crystal Iselt says:

Does the “Beginners Aqua Workout” have a Part 2?

Charles Willard says:

I would like to try this workout but am worried about how to watch it while I'm in the pool. Can I get a baggie or something to put my phone in and leave the phone on the side?

bubbamell50 says:

How many reps per session

stephmreal88 says:

Thank you for the video! I have been looking for some aqua aerobics for beginners that aren't too intense. Maybe later I will step it up more but I am new to water aerobics and pregnant. 2.5 years ago I was in the gym working out pretty much every day while pregnant but this pregnancy has been very tough on my body and I am not able to do much without experiencing pain and swelling. Thank you, thank you!

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