3 Gentle Stretches to Reduce Knee Pain

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3 Gentle Stretches to Reduce Knee Pain

Bob and Brad demonstrate gentle stretches you can do to reduce knee pain.

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anus presley says:

It makes me queezy yes

Dr-Respect says:

"Funny thing is your socks by the way" Bob roasted him

HomeBaseIncome101 says:

You guys are great! Thank you.

debby simon says:

I am trying to move my kneecap, and its not moving.

duxteer says:

Bob and brad

Shantay Prueeissen says:

I am sure you will find a good way to heal with Weedborn CBD.

Shivani Chhabra says:

knew pain se mere dadi ji bhot pareshan the unko chlne ma bhot pareshani hoti thi washroom bhi nhi jaa pate the fir mne unko planet ayurvda ki yoga ki videos dikhai or unko planlet ayurveda ka JOINT AID PLUS CAPSULES order kiya ab vo roj yoga krte h or medicine khate h ab unko bhot relief h

naveen vanam says:

Thank you🙏

Rita Brandow says:

Hi I have a rod inmy right thigh. My right thigh is always tight on top. Will this help for it causes my right knee to have all sorts of problems

Barbara Spence says:

Have pain in my right knee, I walk on a even surface one day. I was glad to see the exercise hoping that I will be to get some results while using voltaren.

jamila kousar says:

We cant see your exercise due to written English on da screen

cherl golja says:

Cute T shirt lol

curiousme says:

My knee caps don't move at all


I have pain behind knee in the bend I guess how do I treat.my kneecap goes side to side but I cannot move up and down

Crys7L says:

this video should be 5 minutes

britestart1 says:

Hey gentlemen, when I move my knee cap around, especially diagnoly , it pops. Any idea why? Love your vids the way.

S. says:

Good suggestions, but please make video more short and precise and cut some chatter out.

J. Kerr says:

Why Bob, why?

Kristina Wilhelm says:

I have osteoarthritis in my right knee
Am going to try these

James Redo Jr says:

Stretchs for hyperextended knee?

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