WHAT IS AGING YOUR LIPS? 3 anti-aging face exercises to lift downturned lips/Blush with me face yoga

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Wrinkles are not the only signs of aging. Droopy Down town lips lip, deflating upper lip that becomes thinner as you age and sagging lower lip pull your whole face down making you look old. Face yoga exercises and face massage techniques for lips are extremely effective in Anti-aging your lips, making them appear fuller, boosting collagen in lips, Strengthening your lip muscles, improving blood circulation and reducing wrinkles from lips and whole mouth area espl the corners of your mouth. This video has 3 amazing lip exercise as well as a bunch of lifestyle mistakes that cause lips to age faster and elongate your philtrum I.e. the area above your lips. Exercises are not a quick fix for lip lines or smokers lines but definitely have lasting results on making your lips more plump and decreasing your philtrum.

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Reetinder Dhaliwal says:

How many years old r u?

Sandra Summers says:

These exercises are great, but please could you try not talking so much between the exercises

Marinella Guida says:

Per favore e' possibile mettere sottotitoli in italiano perché non comprendo la lingua inglese

Sasmita Sahoo says:

Thank u mam 💓

נויה טייר says:

Thank you I will try ☺
So nice lady


Good information, thanks 🙏

Souad Akil says:

Brava Bravissima

genezio genezio says:

I will do the exercises to become even more Beautiful Thank YOU🥰

Marc Edwards says:

Your face nicely

Ayen Nicole Eusebio says:

How many times should I do this in a day?

Ayen Nicole Eusebio says:

should we do this only once a day?

Manjula Chandhere says:

Thank you 🙏
I liked your session
I would like to suggest some hindi demonstration in between for more audience

Nicole Yap says:

This lady has a beautiful flawless face. She doesn't have a drooping mouth. The problem I have with this video is that I would have preferred to watch someone who actually had a drooping mouth and then showed us the effect. I can't take this video seriously when it's someone who never had a drooping mouth. Sorry, but that's my opinion. There are too many videos out there showing us how to get this and that but I want to see the before and after pictures. Not some young model who is almost perfect.

Sara Shepard says:

Can’t we just use our tongue to do the same work the finger are doing?

Aaa Sss says:

My lips as if got lifted🥰😃

Cassandra Nance says:

Just because white people age quickly doesn't mean people will learn from them You learn from exotic ethnic people who use their nourishments that come from the earth that's natural healing breakthroughs.

Katharina's Adventures says:

Do you have a video on smiling lines at the sides of mouth? As well as facial skin sag by the ear and jaw from headphones and weight loss? 💕 thank you

Maria Carrillo says:

Gracia los ejercicios son buenos me gustaron

Germaine Adil Tek says:

Can I do these exercises without putting my fingers in my mouth.
I gag when I put my my fingers in my mouth
I have seen others recommend some.

Loretta Baladez says:

Thank you! I needed this! I will be doing the exercises!

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