The Best Upper Body Exercises For Seniors (No Equipment) | More Life Health

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The Best Upper Body Exercises For Seniors (No Equipment) | More Life Health

Join me (Mike – Physiotherapist) for this upper body exercise routine for seniors. Improve your upper body strength, get fitter and move better.

REMEMBER TO WARM-UP prior to doing this exercise:
For the warm-up video:
Seated Warm-Up:

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Do your best and any questions ask below!

– Mike

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More Life Health Seniors says:

Hey Everyone. Good to be moving with you all. I'll see you twice a week, for the next weeks, for more exercise videos. Stay happy and healthy and let me know how you went below! 🙂
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Joan Curts says:

Excellent video!

Judi Goldfarb says:

Great, love this & all your upper body videos, I’m getting back to being in really good shape💪

sandy martin says:

I like all his videos!! They really help!!

Judy Witteman says:

It’s working!

Judy Witteman says:

Loved today! Thanks again!

Frank Villagomez says:

You r great
Thank you very much

Annette Pilgrim says:


Patricia Crew says:

Hi does these exercise good ofter doing a surgery for sciatica nerve pain ?

Joyce Cardozo says:

Enjoyed this video Mike!! Missed you for a few days and continue to see you every morning before I get to the daily chores. Thanks and God Bless you for all your help!!!

Waliullah Khan says:

Thanks Mike.
My dad is 67.
I am so happy that atleast he started exercising.
All thanks to this easy video.👍

bonnie alvarez says:

XLNT! Thank you.

Jessica Galvin says:

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Great work out. Thank you! 🔥💪 Jessica

Jan Mellor says:

Enjoyed this session, although it made me work which is a good thing, I think ?? 🙂 Jan

Sue C says:

Great exercises. I’m going to continue with these & then progress to using the resistance band which I intend to purchase today. Thanks so much Mike.

Jan Mellor says:

Good workout today even when I was tired, I presume that I could add weights where appropriate ? 🙂 Jan

Catherine Farquharson says:

Can you put the official name for each move in the description?

Debbi Herold says:

After the Warm-up Video and then this one, I'm kicking myself that I haven't been doing these at least every other day this week! My upper body especially that right shoulder feels more loosened up and not as achey. I know better…this works and yet I get caught up in doing other less important things. I really have to try harder to be more regular with these. Mike, when doing the arms over head, I actually hear and feel the gritty in back upper shoulders/neck.

Debbi Herold says:

good routine Mike Thx

Joe Pif says:

Thanks Mike Mike, this exercise was good, gave me some energy 💪

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