Chair Yoga Stretch for Beginners, Seniors & Everyone || 30 minutes

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Unwind, stretch and feel amazing with this great yoga workout all done in the comfort of a chair at home.

This video is easy to follow and is perfect for all fitness levels. In 30 minutes you will decrease stress and relieve sore and achy muscles and joints.

As always, please go at a pace you are comfortable with and don’t push yourself. Remember to breathe (even though I’ll tell you 100 times)!

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Thank you for working out with me and check out my channel for more videos including: barre, strength, Pilates, chair workouts and cardio aerobics!

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Linda Pitts says:

I love your style of teaching! It is so refreshing to find yoga instructors who don’t stop the flow to talk. I absolutely loved this stretch and feel amazing after this video!

Glenda Schmitt says:

I just discovered your chair workouts last week and really enjoy them! I am having foot issues so am unable to take walks like I use to, so this gives me a way to get a workout in without much strain on my feet! Even though this is being done in a chair, I am still getting a good workout. I have subscribed. Thank you!

Theola May says:

I enjoyed this exercises for seniors.

Patrice Ayvazian says:

Fantastic – many poses/stretches I have not done. Love your style, clear directions, uncluttered background, and pleasant music. Thank you so much. This is now on my morning list and I have subscribed.❤

Lari Taz says:

The best chair yoga!

Lilianne Milgrom says:

Just what I needed to get back into yoga practice after fracturing ribs

Terri Spaulding says:

What is the beautiful music?

Rachel says:

I'm so glad I found your video. I have knee and shoulder issues. Your calming flow of movement was very helpful. Thank you for sharing your techniques. Looking forward to this tomorrow 😊

josephine chahine says:

I love your way of teaching . Thanks for your implication and love for your profession

Bhavna Bharat Kumar says:

Amazing video, amazing postures, clear instructions, pleasing visuals. Loved it! Looking to more such beginner / gentle yoga postures. Best wishes!

Josephine Sadiq says:

Very nice Video Thanks

Nataša Cvetkovski says:


Patrick Stirling says:

Very nice soft flow, thanks! I have a foot injury, in a cast so had to modify, but it was great to stretch out a bit.

Liz Townsend says:

Love returning to this yoga video on a BKD ( bad knee day!). The best seated yoga practice I've found on YouTube and the music is perfect! X

Christopher Springmann says:

"Can you do one more inch?" Yes, and now with 2-lb. weights, a much different but still enjoyable experience! This video is my bedtime favorite, which enables me to "Unwind, stretch and feel amazing." And finally turn-off the computer!

DANCEGIRL Claudia Rösel says:

Which music is this?

madison oulton says:

I’ve been using crutches for the last 3 weeks and this stretched all my core muscles in the perfect places!! thanks so much!

Reenie Gore says:

Thank you- I found your video to be a perfect pace and wonderful deep stretch for me! Going to try it also as a wind down before bed.

Lynda Wirachowski says:


Fatima Assad says:


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