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Beginner Balance Exercises For Seniors (Dynamic) | Balance Exercise For Seniors

Join me (Mike – Physiotherapist) in today’s workout, as we go through a workout focused mainly on dynamic balance.

There are two types of ways we can train/test our balance:

1) Static Balance – The ability to balance whilst at rest. Eg standing still on the spot
2) Dynamic Balance – The ability to balance whilst moving. Eg walking or reaching forward.
You may be good staying balanced whilst at rest, but when moving it’s a different story.

For more on improving your balance click here:

Do this workout in a slow and controlled way. DO NOT rush through it we are working our balance and our coordination, there is no need.

For the Warm-Up Videos:
Standing Warm-Up:
Seated Warm-Up:

To get straight into the exercising go to 1:01

WU- Marching On Spot
Single-Leg Stance – 10seconds – left and right
Toe Taps Forward – x 5 each leg
Toe Taps to the Side – x 5 each leg
Single-Leg Stance – 20 seconds each leg
High Knee Marching – x 5 each leg
Opposite Arm, Opposite Leg Lifts – x 5 each side
Sideways Walking x 8
High Knee Marching x 8
Tightrope Walking with added Exercises x 10
Grapevines with added shoulder Rolls x 8
Single-Leg Stance – 20 seconds each leg

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Do your best and any questions ask below!

– Mike

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Norma Hazelwood says:

Thank you Mike good work out xx

P C says:

had hip replacement several years ago, all is good but have trouble balancing on that side, no problem balancing on the non operated side. why is that?

Morris Campbell says:

Very good I thank you forit

Lucius says:

You're a great coach, Mike, and good to work out with you!

Teresa Spensley says:

Dr said i‘ll need a knee replacement. I find some of the exercises hard as my knee is all inflamed although it has come down a lot on Ketovore. It used to be twice the size of my other knee. I laugh when Mike says feet together😂if only 🙏🙏🙋🏻‍♀️🇬🇧

Teresa Spensley says:

Yes, I do heel raises while cleaning my teeth 🙋🏻‍♀️

Sandra Solomon says:

Love your workouts, as you’re always reminding of good form and alignment. I feel so much steadier on my feet.

kate king says:

Hi Mike, I've got really bad arthritis in my right foot, and it's been causing balance problems, and because of it I've become anxious about falling. I'm a lifetime walker and outdoorswoman, so the thought of becoming unable is frightening. I've been doing these balance exercises now for five
days, and already I can see a difference. I can even do the static balance for thirty seconds on the 'bad' foot. I'm going to keep them going every single morning! Thank you so much for putting them up on here.

Elisa Zulueta says:

Thank you Mike, really enjoyed following your balance exercises 😊

Diane None says:

It seems the body is not forgiving. I used to work out everyday but stopped when when my mother took ill. 10 years and now I have all the problems of a 6o year old. Who knew this was coming! Take care of yourself everyday cause it matters to have strengthening exercises incorporated in everyday routines. 🙂 Thanks

Wendy Hannan says:

Thanks Mike, I really enjoy your exercises. Your a great instructor, your exercises are always easy to follow.
Thank you 🙏 for helping us seniors, I appreciated your positive and friendly personality.

Sharon Downie says:

Thanks for this routine. I need it.

Drew Williams says:

Good stuff bro!

Paul Karanfilian says:

Mike, I’ve been doing doing your 10 minute and 20 minute balance exercises for seniors. I’m 71 years old. I’ve already been improving the exercises after one week.
I have a question. We don’t use shoes inside our house. So I’ve been doing the exercises either in socks or barefoot. Do you think I should be doing the exercises in sneakers as opposed to socks or barefoot to get the most out you your workouts? Thank you for your YouTube exercise videos!

nancy fleming says:

Thank you!!!

Joyce Cardozo says:

GREAT VIDEO OF BALANCE EXERCISES!!!!!! Enjoyed it v much. Thanks Mike n God Bless!!!!

Wanfa Beasley says:

I enjoy these videos each time I look at them keep the good work up

Pameli Chatterjee says:

So very helpful Mike. I am 70 plus and broke my femur after falling 2 years back. Enjoying these balance excercises .

Delva Mattocks says:

JESÙS Pĺease heal me of oèsteorporosis

Joelle Thomas says:

Good morning and thanks always! Have a super day everybody! Let us keep exercising!

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