8 Best Exercises For Women Over 40's

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It’s no question that we have to live a healthy lifestyle no matter what age group we’re in. We need to eat healthy food and spend a few minutes to exercise everyday if we want to stay at the prime of our health.

But even if we live a healthy life, aging is not something we can stop. We just have to find ways to make sure that we find ways to make our lifestyle fit our needs.

Today’s workout is something we’ve come up with that is perfect for women over 40s. When you reach this age (and beyond), you may start to think what kinds of exercises you can do that are safe and effective for you.

Well, today we have the right answer for you! 🙂

Side Bends
Knee Tuck Crunch
Reverse Crunches
Donkey Kicks
Back Turns
Fire Hydrant
Bird Dog

Follow along this workout video and do it on a daily basis. It’s super safe for you since all the exercises are very easy and you can do them at home, too! No need for any fancy equipment or hardware!

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Let’s get started!❤️💪


M o n s t a® says:

Thanks a lot, I'm going to start exercising cuz i'm overweight.

waveney says:

Short sweet and awesome…. Ty Roberta's Gym!

yemisi aranmolesho says:

Just came across this now, but i have a question, am not fat i mean am a slim lady of 43, i don't have tommy to loose fat, i just need exercise for fitness, please is this exercise for me? It will be great if you reply me thanks.♥️

olipa kapalamoto says:

Wao I have really enjoyed

Preeti Christian says:

In how much time will this excercise effect??

Shrutee Sharma says:

Its really amazing . Best and simple exercises . Wonderfully explained.🙏

Bicolanang ilongga says:

Woke up 6am today. Nothing to do, im supposed to be asleep until 8am, but husband left early 5am , for his fishing hobby.
I couldnt go back to sleep alone.
So i scrolled youtube for an easier work out , mid 40's.

Louiza Dano says:

Is it daily excerise ???

JJ M says:

This is exactly what I was looking for…thank you so much. I do have a question…should I do this before or after my morning cold shower? Would be great if you replied. Thanks.

Janisha Gunasekara says:

My mother is 46 years how many times does she has to do this exercise in one day

Nasim Khan says:

hi .can we add other exercises with these exercises..coz i am already doing exercise of ur other vid..so can i do it with those?

karuna shirke says:

Amazing workout

noha farahat says:

i have 8 and i love it

Asifa Zafar says:

Does this workout help us to reduce weight?

aarthi acharya says:

How many sets to be done

Zil-jay4Real says:

I love this exercise its very simple.

Sonia Malik says:

Not girls boys exercises

Erum Mirza says:

How much weight loose if i do it for 2 months??

benhars school says:

I have elbow and nee pain may I do this exercise

LA Private Trainers says:

This is a computer?
Where is the actual trainer?

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