Yoga To Cure Sciatic Pain | Yogasutra

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Yogasutra: Any inflammation or injury to the sciatic nerves can significantly restrict our movements and cause pain or numbness in the hips, knees or legs. Samara teaches Yoga asanas that help in relieving sciatic pain.

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అన్నపూర్ణమ్మ creations says:

సూపర్ సూపర్

Summaiya Fatima says:

V nice video ur yoga motivate me feel like I wants to do with u ,ur concentration for yoga v calm thanks


Very nice video…. execution is amazing.

Vishwa Vvh says:

Really thank you for your this video… These yoga steps makes true wonders for those who do follow n practice for sciatica… Wonders like more than any medication… I do recommend for someone who really wan get rid of the sciatica pain…


U should show something that normal people (general population) can do🙏🙏

Pateck Aaron says:

I'm so glad to share with you my experience on how I got rid of my sciatica with dr.oyalo herb whom I met on channel. No more symptoms of back or neck pain. I'm completely free. Thanks Doc

sharda sharma says:

but maam agr kisi ka belly pe fat ho to yeh assan kaise krein pls giv some suggestios

Pardeep fitness channel says:

For sure solution in Sciatica pain…do watch this clip

Sushmita Sutradhar says:

This is needed

Nitin says:

Half of the pain goes away, looking to the perfection of postures she does !!

Will i b able to do with this perfection🤔

Kuldip Shukla says:

Pt having sciatica can bend at this level?

Yoga with Sohan says:

If these exercises don't help than practice this way.

the forgotten tales * says:

Yoga is definitely great for someone having sciatica. You must also try Planet Ayurveda's herbal remedies, they are amazing.

Nene Suprabhath says:

Did anyone cured by this yoga?If cured,how much time it took?

Mark1Mach2 says:

Such a good video, seems like a good day of exercises for all around fitness. I would like to do this everyday, wish this was longer!

deepak mohanty says:

Madam kya inguinal harnia patients Iss asan kar paye please batae

Amiya Das says:

if You want to understand Yogasutra authentically visit our channel –
Thank you …

Shiv Mohan says:

झोपड़ी वालों हिन्दी में भी लिख दिया करो

SWATHY P R says:

1. Kandharasana
2. Pavanamukthasana
3. Dhanurasana
4. Marjaariasana
5. Vyaghrasana
6. Garudasana

Rozeta Goxhaj says:

This is art of yoga not technical for pain

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