Strength Training Program in Knee Osteoarthritis Rehabilitation

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Enroll in our online course: A key pillar of rehabilitation in patients with knee osteoarthritis is strength training of the quadriceps. Here are some exercises as well as training principles to follow.
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This is not medical advice! The content is intended to be educational only for health professionals and students. If you are a patient, seek care of a health care professional.


Lorna STV says:

Hi, is it ok if you do a bit of heavy lifting at work?

backfirexpression says:

Would you still work for several weeks on strength endurance (e.g. 3×10, 75%1RM) before moving onto strength work (3-5 with MVC)?

Dinesh Sivakumar says:

Hey boss. I'm concerned that the 3-5 reps of maximal contraction wouldn't be suitable for individuals with injury and people who have just begin exercising? Isn't that rep range reccomended for experienced lifters who want to maximise strength gains? I was wondering if you could clear this doubt, thanks.

Let's Get Hands Dirty says:

Sir watched ur video right now.. I m 35 I got knee osteoarthritis since 4 months.. I feel dull pain on my knees I can't walk more the 15 mints… Can i do these exercises??? Will not squatting wear my cartilage more???? Sir plz reply

Mj Claudia Nava says:

Okay I know someone who develops knee pain after walking for standing for a while. He is not overweight also is an active person. He had a material Tibia platue fracture fixed with plates and screws abiut an year ago. Post this procedure he has significant crepitus of the same knee and the issue of developing knee pain when engaged on activities like pushing or walking for a while.
Does he require strength or endurance training? How do we go about this ?

Rosemary Mulrooney says:

Great info but how can it be adapted for elderly at home.

Shruti Chaudhary says:

How to convince old age group to do this?

sneha munny says:

With knee cracking sound can i perform these

skalar says:

3:22 Min the study by Campos et al. deals with muscular adaptation in general training. It has nothing to do with OA. What makes you sure, that an OA-patient would tolerate those high loads, which are required for doing no more than 3-5 reps of MVC ?

Jobin John says:

How balance training helps in osteoarthritis knee

rimon ramis says:

Thank you, should a middle aged guy with torn medial minescus, transverse, do strength training, I used to do squats at 45 to 60 degrees max.

plumkin says:

I really appreciate the information.

I know this is an older video, so there's no guarantee this comment will be seen, but I have a quick question: what do you do for someone with a severe case of knee osteoarthritis?

My fiance is in pain daily, and bending his knees is seen to be difficult. I want to help get him back to a point where he can start doing squat exercise again, but is there anything he can do in the mean time to help build quad strength? Thank you!

Francisco Enciso says:

This is the first video I see where they recomend squats and lunges for OA.

Clark TKD says:

Hello Guys,
I'm first year in PT school at Fontys University in English Strean.
Your videos are really helpful.

Thank you for your hard work!
I wish I become one day such a good physio like you!



Toyota1949 says:

I'm sorry but I'm not understanding this. How is a person with severe Osteoarthritis in both knees able to do these exercise, I have bone on bone in one knee. I am able to walk miles, but can't do stairs, squat or leg press, These exercises would tear up my knee. Quite frankly I was very disappointed in what I saw in this video. I agree exercise is needed, but don't see how a person like me could perform such movements. Not unless I wanted to invite serious pain and injury. So I have to do walking in a pool for strengthening. Where the water resistance is my leg weight training. Isometric leg exercises. Walking.

Aernoud van Kerkhoven says:

What is your thought on early stage OA rehab in relative younger athletes? Some studies suggest that weight training is associated with increased incidence of OA, other studies rather describe a protective effect.

Shahi M says:

how about tight hamstrings ?

Dima Pascari says:


Bas van W says:

How much pain should someone have during the exercises? Using xRM is great to train with, but if the patient complains of too much pain than it's less ideal…

melvinamarvin chong says:

do u think it is important to consider distance between 2 legs during leg press? because i found that wider leg distance is pain-free than doing the narrower one. what do you guys think?

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