STOP Sciatica Nerve and Low Back Pain FAST with 1 Stretch

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You may have seen my videos on sciatica before, but you haven’t seen this! This is the #1 best stretch for sciatic nerve pain—and I’m sharing it for the first time.


0:00 Introduction: How to fix sciatic nerve pain
0:22 What is sciatica?
2:05 The #1 best stretch for sciatic nerve pain
5:35 Check out my video on low back pain!

Today we’re going to talk about how to fix sciatica. I’ve talked about this before, but this is an updated video with a new stretch that I think is really going to help you.

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the body. Sciatica is pain that can come from your lower back and radiate down the legs.

The great majority of sciatic nerve pain involves a disc. An interesting thing about disc problems is that they typically come with a loss of the lumbar curve.

If you have sciatic pain, chances are you’ve lost the normal curve in your lower back. It’s essential to do what you can to restore this curve.

To restore your lumbar curve, you can do a stretch that involves a firm foam support. When you lie on the foam support, you create constant stretching of ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

The first 10 to 15 minutes of using this device will give you relief but won’t correct your curve. However, some interesting research shows that increasing the time you lie on the support to about 20 minutes every day could start to correct the curve.

This stretch may be uncomfortable at first, so work up to 20 minutes gradually. Start with 10 minutes every night and slowly get to where you can do 20 minutes comfortably. Even if your sciatic nerve pain goes away, continue to do this stretch to help correct the lumbar curve.



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Thanks for watching! This is the #1 best stretch for sciatic nerve pain—give it a try. I’ll see you in the next video.


Peter Stericker says:

Whilst talking of Sciatica there's also mention of Piriformis muscle very close to sciatica nerve, this can also give you pains in you bum hip leg.
Is this also a problem?

Cindy Woodall says:

This helps so much. Thank you for serving God and all of us.i would love to talk to you so I can get information on what you think about what supplements I need for a 61 year old female

Eftichios Archontakis says:

Sir this exercise with the role, is it done with pain or without pain? thanks allot

Aida Laoad Pulicay says:

Hello Doctor, by the exercise you show us, it will restore back the normality of my body

Jennifer Tentativa says:

No wonder i dont have a lower back pain since i used pillow on my lower back

Tim D says:

will try thanx

qamar nur says:

I have question Docdor this sciatica what is the good thing to go away this

SteveF says:

Never had a lumbar curve…flat my whole life, and lots of back issues.

Lawrence Amuzu says:

Dr may God bless and give you long life l like your teaching thanks Lawrence

Mark Gardiner says:

As a happy accident I had rolled up my dressing gown and did exactly what the doc suggested due to the pain I am in constantly and I did get temporary relief not realising this can potentially be a permanent way of relieving my pain now I have seen this I will be going out and buying one of these rolls and doing these stretches every night. OMG I am excited to see how its going to work on a permanent basis. Thanks Doc 👍

DiMaria Pera says:

So painful 😖. Thank Dr.

writer684 says:

My mum has like a bend that feels like whole in her lower spine, she is 82 and is up for a surgery but perhaps it will take upto two years is is it safe at her age?

Taneli Sirkelä says:

Does it squeeze more at your disc's and then the pain goes worse?

Hosni Bakali says:

Thank you, I tried the exercise and the pain just disappear 3 days after exercising 3 min per day

whyldthing says:

A rolled bath towel works too…no need to buy a “device” to get the same results.

Salvatore Di Gregorio says:

Traduci in italiano grazie

Yeshe Zewedie says:

Very wonderful Thank u So Much.

Jahura Akter says:

May Allah give you a long life to serve people unconditionally like this.

Anasudheen Saidhu says:

good information,thank you doctor 🤝

cypnor says:

ہمارے گاؤں کے مراسی نے مجھے یہی کرنا کو کہا تھا😉

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