SHOULDER IMPINGEMENT: 8 Exercises and Strategies to Treat it For Good

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Don’t let that nagging pinch continue on. This shoulder impingement rehab guide will teach you 8 effective exercises and strategies to treat it for good.

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Shoulder impingement is a common problem that can lead to major issues if not nipped in the bud. It’s especially common among people who do a lot of overhead movements, including weightlifting (think shoulder presses).

[1:01] The first step is to identify the Root Causes of shoulder impingement, including improper movement patterns and poor posture and mobility of the thoracic spine. I talk more about these throughout the video.

[2:00] Second, it’s important to Reduce Inflammation. I offer you a couple of strategies, including icing and a self-massage technique.

[5:26] Once you’ve rested and the inflammation and acute pain has decreased, you can move on to the third phase of shoulder impingement rehab: Resetting Your Movement Patterns.

This includes overcoming a common, but improper cue: keeping your scapulae down and back during moves like overhead press or pull ups.

[7:18] To combat this, I’ll show you a dissociation exercise to help break bad habits, reset natural scapulohumeral rhythm, and prime your neuromuscular system for proper overhead movement.

[8:28] Now that we’ve reset the movement pattern, we can start to Restore Shoulder Strength and Mobility.

In the video I give you 3 exercises, each addressing specific deficits that can contribute to shoulder impingement: T-Spine Mobilization [8:28], 4-Point T-Spine ERE Sequence [9:48], and the Overhead Doorway ERE [10:30].

[10:59] Finally, to wrap up our shoulder impingement rehab, we focus on Reprograming With Functional Integration.

I teach you two exercises that incorporate functional, compound movements: Overhead Wall Rollouts [11:28] and DB Arnold Press [11:58].

This high-level overview gives you an excellent framework for shoulder impingement rehab so you can fix the nagging pain for good and get back to doing what you love.

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اصغر غضنفری says:

Waisted my time

Learn Invest Earn Save says:

Hi there, I think I have shoulder impingement but I haven’t really gym recently, does lack of exercise also cause this?

วันเฉลิม พงศ์ไพศาล says:

how much pre day for reprogram the scapular and how much per week
when i do that i feel a little bit pain may be from imprint , i have to stop or do this perform anywhere

yertoik says:

Why no link the referenced videos :<

Abhishek Dutta says:

This helped a lot

California Dreaming says:

Very usefull , thank you ✨✨✨

Juan castro says:

For minute 7:00 , does that imply with lifting weights too ?

Dr Evil says:

Thank you for your expertise. Can you do a video specifically for golf swing and shoulder rotation improvement. I am 64 and struggling with getting hands up high in the backswing. Working on many of their normal shoulder stretching and strengthening exercises, but it would be good for exercises specifically for golf backswing hand height

Ractor Studios says:

Great info :O

S P says:

Hanging on a bar fixes your shoulder. We come from apes that lived in trees, our arms are still designed to hang. Since we don't do it the shoulder breaks. Try it out for 3 to 5 minutes a day, hang and balance while hanging. It works amazingly well.

Samia Pellizzari says:

Thank you for addressing the squeezing of the scapulae down and back. It’s amazing how many people use that cue not knowing how it aggravates the joint and doesn’t allow the upward rotation of the scapulae.

Pauline Dawber says:

Thank you for the video and the greater detail. I will put the moves into action to heal my ac joint problem. Peace to you.

Teach McBride says:

Excellent Work!!

Sandeep Dash says:

Please help me to understand what this pain is all about. It's been two months I have started going to gym. Recently in whenever I raise my left hand with weights above my shoulders, it pains?. Please let me know how to fix this. Do I have to stop going to gym?

meldg says:

Thank you. I'm a nurse, and I was struggling at work with this. This has helped so much!

PariharBiceps ! says:

I’m having shoulder impingement from 2 months now. i’ve tried many videos of youtube and it only got worse , but you give me hopes now, thanks sir, i hope i’ll hit gym soon again 🫡

Brad Dalton says:

I went to massage and it set me back 6 months because it caused more damage.

Gregorio Tacio says:

Excellent, God Bless You, amen

Chris Hughes says:

I find I only seem to get any pain when I bench press, I can do dumbell bench and overhead presses with no issues. When I bench, and pinch my shoulder blades down and back, it seems to help the issue a bit. I have identified the pain as impingement through your other videos.

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