Sciatic Nerve Flossing-How and When to Perform

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Sciatic nerve flossing can be very helpful especially when the hamstrings have not been mobilized for a while. Pain down the leg can be caused by myofacial tightness and not always from nerve root compression.
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James Carroll says:

I have burning and weakness down down the back of both legs 😔

anthony martinez says:

Will leg extensions also help?

John R says:

Getting at the root cause of your sciatica is key. If it caused by compressed facia in your butt, then this will help! Also the versions where you do your neck back and forth.
However, if the sciatica is caused by a herniated disk pressing on the nerve this likely won't help.

Paul George says:

is the ankle pump slow or fast?


Best helpful video. Thank you

apklove1 says:

THIS WORKED FOR ME!!!!! I have so much relief, thank you!

Harry wheatley says:

Hi good informative video! I’ve only just realised recently when I do my hamstring stretches (toe touch standing) I get this tingly feeling in the back of my knee joint and abit above and abit below, would doing this exercise help release that tension and actually feel my hamstrings stretch?

Eldon Tyrell says:

Hello – anyone feel this strongest in/near their big toe when doing this flossing technique? I don’t have sciatica but I do have scoliosis, kyphosis, flat feet and every related condition pretty much. I’m trying to improve my pelvic tilt by freeing up my hamstrings, I cannot lift a straight leg even close to 90 degrees when I’m laying down, neither can I bend and touch my toes from a standing position. I’ve heard that if you do a hamstring stretch and feel it basically 100% behind the knees it’s sciatic nerve not hamstring, or at least you cannot effectively work on hamstrings with tight sciatic nerves, so am trying to tackle that first. Am I completely mistaken? This is so complicated God damn it!

It doesn’t feel like electric shocks or tingling or anything weird in my foot by my big toe, it’s just like the feeling of an insane stretch. I don’t have anything like sciatica or pins and needles.

lapb5555 says:

Is your head lifted because it is part of the exercise? Or just because you are speaking to the camera?

Daniel M. Pitta says:

I have a herniated disc at L5-S1 and my PT gave me this exercise to do, but for some reason these are excruciating for me. With my hip at 90 degrees, it’s almost impossible to get my knee past 90 degrees without shooting pain, and even then after I do the ankle pumps it’s extremely difficult and painful. It’s been 3 months since my injury and the only thing that has really helped so far is ibuprofen

yoheff988 says:

I had a herniated disc (with the sciatica as a bonus) about 2.5 years ago, got rid of the issue in about 2.5 months thanks to the McKenzie technique I discovered.
with that I had some numbness on both legs, the right leg was worse than the left, the numbness did become a little better but never completely left,
Will it ever leave me?

Sleepless Crafter says:

What about tingling in the buttocks? Not down the leg? Had it 4 months now. Not sure if it’s sciatica or just fibromyalgia.

Benjamin LIM BC says:

Wow this exercise release the tightness at my calf hopefully it will take away the numbness at my toe….. Thank you

CJ says:

Great video. Informative and straight to the point. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Buffalo Bill says:

ty, how many reps? 🙂

TrollMonkey says:

No pain no gain is a phrase invented by muscle heads for sure. Just finished my sixth week of physical therapy. Not sure if it's sciatic at this point as I also have had repeated torn tendons in my hip and thigh (super painful in the back). No matter how many times I do the knee to chest stretch a day the tightness and severe pain comes back after a couple hours. Getting a caudal injection in Sept and so hoping that it will help make that returning tightness finally goes away.

BurtBot says:

How often should this exercise be performed?

Lynn Barnett says:

How many times a day should we do this

Which Doctor says:


Q. Can this help with Periformis Syndrome? My leg ache won’t go away and triggers my leg and tight calf. Cycling uphill seated triggered my Periformis again.


Moxi G says:

I noticed a few years ago I could move my legs around I was carrying heavy boxes all the time I wasn’t afraid of physical work, and a few years later, I’m 53 years old and I can hardly bend over and I have extreme excruciating heel pain and now it has moved into my leg and it wakes me up every night!
I was just hospitalized with either Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis and had may be a minor heart attack, so I don’t even know where to start
But let me ask one thing, does stress have anything to do with sciatica or is that just purely from how we have treated our body or hereditary?
i’m finding I can control my other symptoms I controlling my stress, but I wondered if this applied here

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