How I Healed My Back Pain and Sciatic Nerve Pain (Sciatica)

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This is how my journey into yoga began. My own yoga for BJJ routines healed it all. Lower back and sciatic nerve pain from jiu-jitsu. Now I am feeling better than ever before and am 100% pain free. This set me on the path of yoga and teaching which I am thankful for. I hope that you get out of being uncomfortable and in pain and finally get to move pain free and freely in your body again. The body is meant to heal and you will heal. Keep up the work and be patient.

Jump straight to the exercises 5:55.
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Love and Gratitude,
Bre & Flo


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Casey Jones says:

Hey flo I am having issues with knee pain when trying to sit cross legged is there any exercises I could do to relieve that?

Samuel Matonok says:

Can´t wait to try this because last year i was diagnosed with herniated discs in my neck and lower back and im also skating but most likely i do mtb slopestyle where the impact is heavy and i wanna do it for life and i feel better than last year but i still feel the pain and im reaching out for videos like this and i like the way you explained it all and after reading comments it makes me feel confident that i will be able to come back!

Diana says:

heeey man🌞 i am really thankful for this video! 🙏🏽 i ve been doing these exercises every morning for the past 6 months and I totally forgot about the pain after 2 month of practicing. Now my pain is coming back for some reason, I am planning to visit a professional this time but anyway pretty optimistic no matter what! Thank you again❤

Sally-Ann Bowen-Davies says:

Lower back, gripping from fall, but yoga helps. Fell asleep. Thank You. 🤩🌻🙏👍

Darvin’s Lab 🤟🏽 says:

Don’t mind me…

7:00 forward fold
11:24 cross leg forward bend
18:10 belt cross

CanadianStadium says:

I try to practice this routine to help strengthen my core and stretch my lower body. I think this video with another routine is better then what my Physio therapy had me doing. Thanks!

walletz says:

My sciatic pain is also from skateboarding. I'm going to follow these stretches everyday. Did you skate again after your recovery ?

Rochele le roux says:

That was super helpful Thank You!!!

Bridge Kreationz says:

Flow Does it again!!! Yuuuup this works!! 😃. Thanks Brother 🙏🏾

Gaurav Gakhar says:

Pls confirm how much time does it take for you to recover completely

Berrin Tekin says:

07.30 I llove this pose :)) so relaxing

Alan Chang says:

Are you supposed to feel sore after day one, or did I over do it. Cause it hurts way more now

Teri Shanahan says:

love this! very helpful for my back. Thank you.

Sebsations says:

Massive legend

DutchPatriot17 says:

Found these stretches very helpful. Been diagnosed with two herniated discs and have had excrutiating nerve pain in my right glute and leg. After two weeks I can now do the first one perfectly and the second one is improving. Thanks a lot 🙏

Edwin Gonzalez says:

Thank you for making this video. I work at UPS and tweaked my sciatic nerve picking up a box. I found this video and have done it every day since, about 2 weeks ago, and my body has been feeling a lot better. Thank you for making this, I really appreciate it.

m111 says:

I wonder if you still skateboard?

Pink T Rex says:

Thank you for sharing your story and these stretches! Did you feel like you had a certain diet in order to heal faster? Like anti inflammatory foods? What kinds of core and glute workouts did you do that didn’t irritate your sciatica? Thanks for your time!

A77ila80 says:

I am in pain and I discovered your video, I am also a bjj blue belt and found many of the things you said very close to me. I will start my daily practice with your exercises, and explore your channel more and more. Also a fan of mindfulness so your world and teachings really resonate with me. Thanks for your videos, and greetings from Italy, I will let you know when my pain will be gone. 🤙🏻

Francisco Joaquim says:

I have been struggling with lower back pain (severe contracture) and sciatic nerve compression for almost 3 years. For 3 years I was not able to sleep more than 4-5h without waking up with pain in my leg and lower back. I was not able to sit on any couch for more than 20-30 minutes. Physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractors, helped alleviate the discomfort but it lasted very shortly… Until I found this video earlier this year and started doing these stretches every day before going to sleep.
Thank you sir. You have no idea of how much you changed my life with this guidance. I can finally rest overnight and regained most of my mobility and activity.
Thank you.

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