Achilles Tendon Stretching (Don't Do It!)

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If you’ve been told that you need to stretch your achilles tendon, you’ve been misinformed.

1. Tendons don’t stretch (if they do, that’s bad news)

2. ‘Tight tendons’ aren’t the problem. The problem is what makes the tendon tight.

3. Tendons don’t get loose or tight. At most, they get taut. See #2.

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Chadfree says:

I have a question, my tendon is really tight to the point where I can’t straighten out my legs and it is very noticeable. I went to physical therapy and they gave me stretches to do to try and avoid tendon lengthening surgery. Would you still recommend me doing the stretches? Thanks

RK says:

My tendon tore and is stiff as hell. Phyiso hasn't helped much the pain at times is unbearable…. How do I address this…. I can walk but the pain is there

Lijah says:

I tore both my Achilles’ tendons playing football I tore my right Achilles doing a drill back peddling and pushing off on a drill around June 25th came back and played in a scrimmage around August 9th tore my left Achilles’ tendon pushing off my left leg trying to sack a quarter back i have been with a pt for 5-6 months and also did self rehab for 3-4 months I have been seeing some results but had to stop because transportation issues it still always gets tender and stiff in the morning but I noticed when I do calf raises it becomes less tender but sometimes I get stuck in a massage stretch phase and stop loading it I’m typing this in June it has been a year since I tore my right Achilles’ tendon August will be the year mark for my left Achilles’ tendon I really hope I can still play football at the level I used to I’m not sure what to do at this point.

xP1nkP0nyx says:

Apologies this is non related but I found your achilles videos really helpful and wondered if you knew much about the I.T. Band? Should the I.T. Band be massaged or not? Thanks

Joe Vaghn says:

I was born with "shorter than normal" Achilles tendons, and was told my only option is for them to be surgically lengthened. I really cannot walk properly at all if I don't have shoes, AND my center of mass is always on the balls of my feet, regardless. Could my calves me stuck in a "constant contraction" situation? They do feel like they are unconsciously being activated, even when I try to dorsiflex my feet, but I can never get past 90 degrees. It's really weird

Misha says:

I can’t walk far due to running way too long two years ago.
My pain starts on the bottom of the foot and climbs in the lower leg Achilles’ tendon calve area. MRI and ultrasound showed no abnormalities and doctor immediately seen my Achilles’ tendon had no bounce to it, extremely ridgid when in flexion, no bounce.

He recommends I get tiny snips on the tendon to lengthen it, is this a procedure you have heard of?

Thedarkbat08 says:

My tendon hurts and is always as hard as a rock, what should I do instead of stretching?

Sam B says:

So it's likely the calves? Should I be massaging and stretching out my calves every day? This achilles pain is screwing with my treadmill game

Tobi Hashtag says:

My Achilles tendon is too short, so what the hell should I do when I shouldn't stretch? It gets worse when I don't stretch..

Mohamed Gamal says:

dear sir,
why passive stretch for achilis tendon is contraindicated in cases of rigid flat feet ?
thanks in advance

Car Sales Smith says:

Omg for years my podiatrist has been saying stretch my Achilles all it's done has caused me more pain and even more lack of movement.

I'm 39 years old female who like many has worn high heels most of the time resulting in feet problems, I walk on the balls of my feet without heels on and for ages followed stretching exercises without any success, wow this kind of explains it !! , Sharon.

joy boy says:

I didn't listen to the doctors and so I didn't wear the boot with heel long enough.
I'm still in recuperation process.
A friend of mine who's kinesist tested me yesterday and passively my operated achilles tendon side, the foot is hanging more down than the normal side when I'm lying on my belly with both foot outside the bed. Actively: the function is still OK she said.
She said it's easy to stretch the achilles, but impossible to shorten it.
What she suggest is to maintain the function as it is for a while. So no stretching and not doing harder muscle exercises for the achilles area till the normal protocol time. Because I'm too far forward in progress.
It's about 2-3month now that I had my surgery for fully achilles rupture.

What do you think I should do?
Thanks in advance🙏🏻

Matt Cope says:

Knees over toes guy disagrees

Jennifer Bross says:

What is you are told you have a short tendon?

Stevie van Hendrix says:

How can we stretch gastroc without putting tension on tendons. They work together

Ashton Simpson says:

I have short Achilles and I have problems with it so I do leg lifts because when I hike my leg will lock and make it hurt to walk and it’s not flexible enough with me putting that extra bit into it I have started not having that problem and it gets the muscles around my leg better so this videos is true to an extent cause I need to but not everyone should do it it’s like the keto diet only some people with underlying conditions should do that like this stretch

mastertrey says:

Wel youre not stretching the tendon youre stretching the calves that goes without saying but i agree

Heartstrings 1 says:

This makes sense. Why do we not hear more about this?

Juliana Postrado says:

I’ve been toe walking since I began to learn to walk. I’m now 17 and I still tend to do it, my parents never thought it was much of a problem, but now I have difficulty getting my heels to touch the ground when attempting to walk normally and my strides are extremely short, it’s like I’m walking under myself. Did toe walking have any affect on my Achilles’ tendon?? Is there a way I can fix it?

icecubesbrother says:

I tore my Achilles years ago. I used to tippy toe pretty high, but now it's lopsided. Does your advice change, in that instance?

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