Knee Pain Stretch for Front of Knee (Patellofemoral Syndrome Treatment)

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Ease knee pain with Chondromalacia Patellae (‘patellofemoral syndrome’ or ‘runners knee’) using these Physio guided quad stretches from Michelle at Learn 2 quads stretches for knee pain caused by knee cap (patella) tracking problems and 2 mistakes that increase knee pain to avoid.

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Witvrouw, E., Lysens, R., Bellemans, J., Cambier, D., & Vanderstraeten, G. (2000). Intrinsic Risk Factors for the Development of Anterior Knee Pain in an Athletic Population: A Two-Year Prospective Study. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 28(4), 480–489.

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Emanuel Garcia says:

Are these done before work after workouts

Spo tify says:

You healed me thanks very much ma’am

Julie Lee-Wilkins says:

Hi Michelle , thank you for the above video very informative . I was also wondering if you would be any time soon doing a video on bursitis of the front of the knee, i have one and cannot find any information how to help this condition , any advice would be most welcome . Thank you ☺️

Naomi Ware says:

I'd like to have the video on how to strengthen the inside of the knee as I have arthritis.

Kerem Oz says:

My knee caps keep making popping and cracking sound when i bend my legs, but there is no pain and i go to the gym regularly. Should I be worried?

Yenesis Leadership says:

i was dealing with pain right on the front of my left knee I did the stretch and it was instant relief I cant believe it thank you so much

Keyshawn says:

there’s no way u just healed me😂

A Garcia says:

Did the last stretch for just 30 seconds. It’s like I haven’t had a tight knee for 48 whole hours. Thanks!

Tee Mac says:

Thanks Michelle, that is a great to the point presentation. 👍

Nikky Blammon says:

Actually amazing it works you are a saviour thank you 🙏🏽

mcaputto says:

When I do it I really feel the stretch on the outside of my knee. Is that right?

Lin says:

Please I need stretch or workout for knee after or before gym I feel pain after work out

PANDA says:

It worked thankyou so much😁


Never tried that stretch before. Hopefully works for me.

Ben Keegan says:

Absolutely fantastic, thank you

Bishop Beans says:

looove this video , some might say it's basic , But I say safety is also basic but most important

Jasmine 698 says:

I thing Idid pull my quote muscle ( upper my knee) can you give me some exercise to help me . Thank you

Batoul Basalom says:

Thank you, kindly can you make VMO strength exercise video

Mystical Jessica says:

I think I have pulled a bit my frontal knee muscles by doing quad muscle stretching for warm up. What kind of exercises do I have to do to recover these muscles ?

VoltzXGaming says:

All I did was move my knee cap left to right a few times and boom 🤯, pain just disappeared like it was never there

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