20-Minute Core Workout for Seniors

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Whether you’ve been training your whole life or this is your first time working out, healthy muscles and a strong core can help support aging joints and improve your overall quality of life. So, grab your mat and follow along with Coach Kim, as she guides you through this beginner core workout.

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Karen Lindstrom says:

love this as a core workout. Coach Kim is very clear and it is easy to follow her exercises. I'm 62 and just retired. I'm alos vegan so health is very important to me. ty

Donna Johnston says:

Thanks for a great workout.

Ginia A says:

Great ab workout for seniors!

J Grant says:

Really enjoyed this video, Kim has a very nice relaxed approach, which makes it easier to follow her exercises

Wendy P says:

loved this core workout! thanks coach kim!

Burling Willow says:

Coach Kim is really helping me stay motivated. 🦋

Theresa Campbell says:

Too many commercials!!!!

laurel dawn says:

I think she's great, I'd like to buy a video of coach Kim's exercise routines. Is there any way to do that?

Patricia Seed says:

i got to the 2nd stretch and its too hard for me. going to look for something else.

Backstage Chats with Women In Music says:

Great morning pick me up!

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