Yoga for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain | 15 min | Yoga for Severe Sciatica & Sciatica Recovery

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Easy Yoga for Sciatica & Lower Back Pain. 15 Minute Yoga
Severe Sciatica and Lower Pack Pain Can Be Relieved Through Various Yoga Poses. This 15 Minute Yoga Session Can Help!

Gentle yoga for severe sciatic pain. We go beyond low back pain in this class to focus on sciatica specifically. No prior yoga experience required. The focus here is for people with limited range of motion and severe pain who are dealing with sciatic issues.





Watch Part 2 “Tips for Dealing with Sciatic Pain” on Curejoy’s Channel:

This class of yoga stretches is designed for people with severe sciatic pain. We go beyond low back pain in this class to focus on sciatica specifically.

The focus here is for people with limited range of motion and severe pain who are dealing with sciatic issues. If you just have general low back pain (that is NOT sciatica), check out my low back pain playlist instead 🙂…






Andrea Millerov says:

Thank you so much, this was tremendously helpful. 💜

Shadøw Płaÿs says:

Do you have anything for spine pain?

ashley says:

recently suffered a spinal injury and this has been SUCH a help! i love how gentle the process was. thank you 🙏🏽

Cassandra Crego says:

So I'm not typically one to comment on videos but I just had to say thank you. I was born with spinal stenosis which has caused chronic sciatica. I've attempted multiple medications both over the counter and prescription as well as months of physical therapy with no relief at all. I am 28 now and have had sciatica since I was in my early teens. I've learned things that help and things that make it work. My symptoms show up when I stand still or sit for too long. I used to have quite the active lifestyle and was always out and about, moving, and barely sat down for more than an hour at a time. Two years ago I developed a chronic disease after having covid which has completely changed my life. I am physically unable to live the lifestyle I had before and am forced to be sitting at least 90% of my day. Any form of exercise causes a flare and can leave e bedridden for the rest of the day if I'm not careful. I have an office job now to accommodate and am sitting at the desk 8 hours a day. I have been in so much pain! Even prescription medication cannot relieve it, just take the edge off. I have even tried using an acupressure mat before and just general yoga. Today on a whim I thought "I bet there's yoga for sciatic pain" and did a quick search. All of the other videos I saw I didn't even bother trying. Most of them focused on forward bending as well as hamstring stretches. I've learned through experiance that while these stretches may feel like they are stretching the right area they don't help, and often cause the pain to be worse. Just listening to your intro though I could tell you had actually done your research and knew what you were doing. I attempted this routine tonight after work. Usually I have to lay in bed on my stomach for close to an hour after work to start to feel better but this 15 minute exercise gave me instant relief! I'm not exaggerating either. I was so focused on doing the exercise correctly that I didn't really notice until I finished and got up and it was shocking. I had no nerve pain! Now, my muscles hurt because I'm horribly out of shape and it did exhaust me but those are things I'm confident will improve with time. After living basically my whole life with sciatic pain with no sign of ever finding relief you have no idea how life changing this is! I've already got a plan to break the exercise into two pieces so that I can do a few stretches during my two ten minute breaks from work. I'm extremely hopeful that continued practice of this exercise could even completely alleviate my sciatica! Thank you for taking the time to truly research this and come up with a routine that helps from the source!!!

True Colours says:

Great relief thank you

Win Liu says:

Sphinx has become impossible for me with sciatica, I’ll check out your other video with modifications, i miss the pain free days and my regular yoga practice. Glad to have found your channel!

Maiya Shakti says:

Thank you so much for this practice. It has helped me a few times already. I have a huge request. Could you please adjust the settings so that there is no commercial in the middle of the practice. This would really be a great help. Thank you 💚

Jake Brindle says:

This was really very nice! I really opened my back up, thanks 🙏! It's a shame though as I'm getting into a groove, some commercial comes on, ugh 😩

Blanca Acevedo says:

Feel better after thank you

Peter Hyrka says:

omg – from the very get go, this is exactly how i go to bed.

Steve Turtell says:

I can’t either sit all the way onto my heels or even on a cushion between my feet. Do I just do it as far as I can for as long as I can hold it? I feel it in my thighs which are very tight.

Steve Turtell says:

What do you mean by forward folding?

Flower Colourful says:

Thank you for showing us these few simple stretching exercises to do. Will try them one at a time as my whole body is so stiff.

Suzanne Barr says:

This routine really helps. However, having adds pop up really kills the flow

Patrick Cornwall says:

Thank you so much

Skydancer says:

Holy crap! I just gave birth, I’ve had horrible sciatica pain and pelvic girdle pain my whole pregnancy! I walk in pain a can lately bend over without my back about to give out! This simple workout has made it so much easier! Thank you!!!

Steven mahood says:

Amazing. Best vid!! Thank you

Pam Dixon says:

I think this may work I'm just having a lot of difficulty I will do this again before I go to bed and also your other exercise

Stealth says:

I just came across your channel, I gave this a try I can not believe how much better I feel this I will be using frequently , thank you for sharing.

Denise Moreau says:

I got quite a bit of relief – thank you! I'm new to yoga and am astonished at how stiff and inflexible I am! I will be watching more of your wonderful videos to hopefully limber up and feel better. Thanks so much!!

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