Seated Leg Exercise Routine For Seniors | More Life Health

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Seated Leg Exercise Routine For Seniors | More Life Health

Join me (Mike – Physiotherapist) for this seated leg exercise routine for seniors, to help get your legs stronger! This exercise video is perfect for seniors who have trouble with standing leg exercises.

REMEMBER TO WARM-UP prior to doing this exercise:
For the Warm-Up Video:
Standing Warm-Up:

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Do your best and any questions ask below!

– Mike

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taimoor sulehry says:

I had polio. My legs are weak. Will this exercise benefit me? please tell me

Elaine Flores says:

Mike thanks so very much for all your exercises you show us, we really appreciate it.

marcia singer says:

Lovely, Mike –I'm 76, still teaching what I call "YogaCise," though all my live classes with seniors ended in the pandemic… Nice corroboration, watching you . I love nuancing, re-inventing ways to move all the muscles in the body –good to be gentle, slow and BREATHING REMINDERS: BTW: it changes the brain chemistry, allows deep, balanced state -northern CA

Rayne Hall says:

Is there a contest who can say 'Excellent work' and 'What we're gonna do' most often in a 11-minute video? And the winner is… 😀

Shanta Rao says:

Loved your demonstration Mike. Very encouraging! Thank you .🙏🙏🙏😍

Shanta Rao says:

Loved the demonstration! Love your positive energy!🙏🙏😍😍

s np says:

Subtitles are added exactly where I cannot see the exercises. Especially the hands locked below the knees

paul gerkin says:

Thank you so much !

Kafi Zola says:

Thanks. Enjoyed the workout.

Dawn says:

I fell at work and blew out my right knee . I refused surgery and I had no idea that it would weaken my left leg and fell and damaged my left leg .
Hopefully these exercises will help to strengthen my legs.
Will do them daily as I am having a hard time walking.

Sarah Beard says:

Mike tonight I tried to get my legs up as high as you did but I'm not there yet. I will keep trying although I'm pretty close.Thank you. Good workout!!

Sarah Beard says:

Thank you so much I don't have the best gait for my age this is my first time on and I have loved doing this exercise with you. Look forward to exercising again soon.

Pam Cardin says:

I simply cannot stand it when the instructor talk the entire time ,so I'm moving on.

Paulette Sifford says:

Great leg workout. Recently found out I have sciatica and these leg exercises helped me to not fall off my exercise routine. Thank you!

bonnie alvarez says:

so good! Nice to be back. ; )

Pam Mitchell says:

Thanks Mike! I found this one and added it to my others.

Katey Shaw says:

looking around for good chair exercise for myself and hubby and found this one …its great all is explained ,not too hard to do and we both like how he does it with you in a very encouraging way , many thanks…..

Teresa Spensley says:

Love your exercises Mike, thank you so very much 🌟

Em Vel says:

I am so pleased to find your exercises. Pushing myself to do it daily.

Lino Vibal says:

Thanks for this exercise video, it helps me a lot gaining my strength.. even i'm not yet senior but i am a stroke survivor

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