Fix Your Patellar Tendonitis

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The patella tendon can get sore from repetitive knee use from activities like squatting, jumping, and running. To fix this issue, the tendon and quads both need to be loosened and the glutes strengthened.
Check out the video for the techniques to fix your patellar tendonitis.
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Stephanie Staeger says:

I just found your channel, it is awesome! I have a theragun, would it work in place of a derma edge and tennis ball?

PureLocal Directory says:

recently i think i have this , when my knees are relaxed and i apply pressure to area just below knee it hurts and it randomly hurts throughout the day exacerbated by exercise … I've tried rubbing etc but its still happening after weeks..should i just stop walking for a month ??!?

Olga Dinis says:

I have only knee crepitus. Without pain. Would these exercises help quiet it down some?

Jeff James says:

Thanks for sharing! It’s very helpful content.

keith motsinger says:

THKS ,as a former truck driver ,i was doing some of this intuitively,but you brought it home ,clarified it so much.I just got 2 be dedicated .Thks again,this Pt really fustrates ,ttthks again DR.ENNIS

Gabe Calderon says:

I'm more than positive I have patellar tendonitis for the second time in my life. I got it when I was much younger on the other knee and eventually it went away and I was able to build my squat to 405 for reps with solid form. I have a background of olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, and mainly doing compound lifts and accessory work in the gym. I will try out these movements to work on my knee, but I have to ask. Do I have to give up squatting completely? I find front squats are a little bit more easier on my knees and I've been doing machine squats in the meantime while the knee heals completely. Last time I dealt with this it took upwards of almost a year to feel 100% again. I enjoy working out so resting and taking some time off can be a bit difficult for me. Thanks so much for your content.

Fingerstyle Acoustic says:

Maam i had triamcilone acetonide 40 injection ( steroid) in my upper tibia tendon to reduce inflammation and i have read that it inhibit rejuvenation and leads to cell atrophy. So can one time steroid injection on ligament/tendon cause irreversible serious damage??
I am 20 yrs.

Pls reply🙏🙏🙏🙏

Mangart says:

Hi Dr. Kristie. I‘ve got diagnosed with patellar tendonitis a month ago (already got pain since 2 months now) my main pain point is where the upper part of the patellar is but on the left side of the right knee and on the right side of the left knee … the pain is so aching (only while sitting and especially when I lay in my bed) that I even have soare muscle pain from my butt down to my footsoles …. Is that normal? I only read about people who have had the pain at the „typical points“ of the patellar tendon but not at the upper sides. I‘m desperate, nervous and full of pain. I can‘t even sleep at night. Pain killers don‘t even work anymore and massages as well. 😫

Boat, RV & Me says:

Been suffering for 3yrs with patella tendon pain. Hope this helps!

rohinics says:

Dr. Kristie, you are awesome👍👍👍. I always follow you for all my exercises, stretches, and aches and pains. Thanks a ton!

Moey69 says:

Thank you for this it relieved my pain I can sleep now 😂

Gabriel Rufo says:

How many minutes will i do the second excercise with 2 fingers?

ooHashim says:

What a great video! This has helped a ton… also found my glute medius is almost non existent / super weak so been doing banded clams… and isometrics however should I still do the cross friction massage at bottom of patella even though I get the odd flare up at the TOP of my patella ?

Sahjanand says:

Hi Doc, how often do you work out for Patella tend? Thank you

Vikram says:

Please help me ….
When I relax (or) free my quad muscle (standing position), Iam experiencing tightness below knee cap.. little bit pain(while doing single leg squat).

And when I massage around knee cap, almost no tightness(only for 20min) and back to tightness.😭

Rialda Yasmin says:

Hello! Greetings from Serbia ❤ I wanna ask you something about my knees. I do not have bow legs, or maybe slightly, but my knees are a little inward, not in place and I can move them by hand. Can exercise like strengthen quads and make tendon stronger helps to put kneecap in place?

Keenan Schouten says:

Physical therapy does not work. I fixed tendinitis in 2 hours goto YouTube > starting strength > search patella knee tendinitis

Starr Stroh says:

This time I will use Weedborn CBD products to heal myself.

Cyberviper8 says:

I was already doing a lot of these things without any direction just because… except I’m not very consistent.

Thu Le says:

To tell people to order Derma edge put them off. We have so many things to do, we have no time, no money to order anything. Some chiropractors teach us to use butter knife instead of derma edge.
When you massage the knees with your fingers, it would be good if you show the big picture of the acupressure points on the knees that you press, not the whole leg.
I like your teachings. But to tell people to buy derma edge is to me, put more stress on them. Massage with our hands, fingers, knuckles or butter knife work as well.
Thanh you.

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