Duke's Reaction to Ethan selling Lady Dimitrescu Remains – Resident Evil 8 Village

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►Resident Evil 8 Village – Duke’s Reaction to Ethan selling Lady Dimitrescu Remains (PS5 Ray Tracing)
This was the best one imo. Hilarious guy

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Rubhen925 says:

Definitely my favourite reaction from Duke haha.

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Darkfang414 says:

Ahhh that thiccness is crystal clear….literally!

PurPoll says:

I only came here because markiplier never sold lady dimitrescu

Unleashed says:

So they knew what they were doing when they made her this way.

Agirisan says:

that waistline y e s

A2T4R says:

He understands

U-TOPIC 47 says:

That waistline.. yes!

richie rich says:

love it when he copies the resident evil 4 merchant

Phishkisses says:

You – venture into the darkest jungle, into a valley, deep into a cave, into the very back corner, you whisper to the wall " That waistline.."
Duke – " N Y E S!!!!"

Claviusbase says:

Seems that duke was checking Youtube quite frequently before he got to the village lol


How can you be in love with a dead woman?

mferguson1281 says:

Yeah, because everyone loved her for her waistline hahaha

Eric Fitzgerald says:

More like….The Lady DimiYescu

Vuk Cevu says:

I would never sell Lady Dimitrescu!

Eggman says:

yo He just like Me fr

Max Ithalo says:

he says what we're all thinking

Alex Dagg says:

Lady Thiccitrescu


0:15 so gud

Hydra says:

You can tell the VA really made his money that day with that YEEES

Heavier Than Air Films says:

Further evidence they knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they made her.

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