Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Achilles Tendonitis

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These are the 4 best exercises to get rid of your Achilles (heel cord) pain. Start with the soft tissue work and follow it up with the strengthening exercise and the stretching exercise.
Try to do the soft tissue work every day and the strength and stretch 3 times a day.

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Tobias Zonk says:

interesting video, but there is something I don't quite understand. You say to massage the tendon itself to increase bloodflow in there, but then say to ice it if it gets to painful. As far as I know ice restricts bloodflow which would make our previous intervention useless.
Not trying to hate, just something that sounds odd to me. Would appreciate a response 🙏

Janine E says:

Very informative, especially the information regarding the calf. I first thought that my problem was due to working from home and less activity and also standing almost constantly when I worked. I did notice however, after seeking physio and massage and doing the regular exercises that it seemed to also be due to crossing my leg and the pressure that put on my calf. I found that with the exercises and massaging around my knee I had good results as long as I am consistent. I am going to follow this video and see what happens. Thank you

Å efik Vehabovic says:

Ima li na srpskom.?

ThePinkLotusdesign says:

Hello and thank you for making a video for healing the Achilles! I’m wondering -are you pushing the lymph down towards the feet or up the leg?
Thanks! 🌞

laksad hub says:

So so so thankful to you dr. U are a blessing.. I pray for you everytime I feel like I am getting better and walking fine.

Black Horse says:

Thank you for the information and demonstration

Queen Ya Ya says:

Thank you i am going try to tomorrow!❤❤❤

John Wareing says:

Hi Dr Ennis, Is it better to do the recommended exercises on both legs or just the affected one. Thank you for the advice and for the video.

lil Meadow land says:

Tysm, this helps me a lot as a dancer because my Achilles tendon hurts when I point my foot. I have never felt more comfortable going on releve andany other things. Again I thank you so much!! 🙂

Joe says:

Good video thanks. It would be good if you could address therapy in beginning when pain is perceptible and then latter stages of recovery

Kerri Rivero says:

You sure are easy on the 👀 eyes. Thanks for your tips!🤙🏻

Annette DeWitt says:

Thank you for this.

Angel Gonzalez says:

😍😍😍😍🔥😘😘😘😘😘I I love you

J J says:

I am not a runner, I got tendonitis just from a lot of walking (4 days, 15 km each day) 3 weeks ago. My doctor told me, it is not ruptured, I should rest until it is healed. When I rest it doesnt hurt anymore but my calf starts to get stiff. I stretch it and do some heel raises, but when I try to walk, the tendon starts hurting again (after 200 m of slow walk). Now I work from home, but cannot do it forever. When can I get back to work? Can I walk even if it hurts? I dont mean to do any hiking now, just normal everyday walk to a bus stop etc.

gravano2 says:

Thank you – 3 months , not fun .

Marcus Price says:

Great vid! Honestly was getting pretty frustrated trying to find a video that was concise w/o a bunch of fluff. Big problem on youtube in general. This video was perfect and exactly what I needed. Big thumbs up 🙂

M A N N A N says:

I am in pain already.
Why the duck are you laughing?
Kinda stupid! 👎

C. V. says:

I've hurt my Achilles tendon 3 times in less than a month. So how long after I feel better should I start these exercise?

joseph croft says:

thanks , how many reps & sets should i do of the negative heel raises ,

La Leyenda Negra says:

beautiful woman

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