5 Stretches Seniors Should Do Everyday

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Did you know that maintaining good flexibility is an essential part of life and that it is very important to implement different stretches into our daily routines? The nice thing about stretching is that it can be done anytime, and anywhere!

Here at SilverSneakers we like to set specific times in our daily schedules to help keep us accountable. Watch this video to find head to toe stretches for you to perform every day.

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MotherMary says:

I wish someone could’ve tied her hands behind her back as they were such a distraction while she was speaking. I couldn’t finish watching

Nikhila Vasavada says:


Deanna Micheli says:

Thank You. Feels Great and so simple

Florica Petrenciu says:

Mulțumesc frumos pentru sfaturi și explicații România

J MM says:

This was absolutely excellent she did a great job

Andrew Pao says:

Thanks and it’s wonderful. I click to subscribe but don’t know how to access with more information such as communication with the instructor working schedule etc..

Ching Villamayor says:

Thanks for sharing this exercises for seniors like me. Very simple but helpful.

Rachel Richard says:

Hello I’m a 51 year old lady and I was wondering if it’s normal that my body cracks especially my lower back as I turn it.
Legs ? As I do exercises. And in bed ..

Monique C.D. says:

These exercices are in good coordination for me

Janice Taylor says:

What a great chair workout while you are injured. I can do most of it!

Evangeline Maxion says:

Thank you so much Dr Mandell your such a blessing to all of us God bless

Graham Lyons says:

I'll do my best to follow these exercises every day at 10:30 a.m. If I fail to, without good reason (e.g. appointments, travel).
I will 'report' to you and your followers here.

9 June 22 yes; 10th yes; 11th yes – but at 6:30 pm; 12th yes – at 3:30 pm; 13th yes; 14th no; 15th yes; 16th & 17th no; 18th moved to 12-minute workout

Maria Salerno says:

I just found this and I started doing this stretches and hopefully I do them every day because I am really really out of shape and hurting a lot especially my knees. Thank you so much for this video.

Lucia De Ratmiroff says:

Jenny, I am traveling outside the US and trying to access the app or the webpage, but it is not possible. So thank you for the YouTube videos!

Manju Rangra says:

Good exercises thanks

Georgette DiDomenico says:

Stretches are great .The instructor is clear & does not talk about other subjects.

Georgette DiDomenico says:

Love the stretches . It helps to start the day . Explained right to the point .

Adadiorama Chukwuneta says:

Encouraging. Thanks

Felipe Adan Lerma says:

Great compliment to the live classes, really like these longer held positions for relaxation! 😊

Misha Shah says:

Hi there, I like the way you show the stretches for seniors. I also tried to do it with you. i like it though I could not do the time you showed, But I am sure, everyday workout will loosen my stiff muscles.T?hank you.

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