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Walking is one of the best exercises you can do for your overall health, and it’s no secret that it’s more fun to walk with a friend! Join SilverSneakers Instructor, Andi for this at home walking workout. You can do this workout either sitting, or standing—just make sure you continue to pump your arms and move your feet!

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Joan Soso says:

This was a great workout for the middle of the day. I love this instructor!

Martha Sanchez says:

Outstanding keeps us going quite challenging to myself. Thank You.

Rita Brunelli says:

This is one of my favorites! I like that she lets us know in advance what our next move is. Easy to follow and a good work out! Thank you!

Rupa Joshi says:

Love your pace! rupa in kathmandu

Hollijoy Johnson says:

A fabulous workout 😉 thanks

adrienne flora says:

Hip pain but I’ll work through it

adrienne flora says:

I have hip arthritis but I’m going to do this

Karen Larson says:

A great start to my day.

D. Dominick Lombardi says:

Thanks for making these exercises available. Do you have a written schedule to help follow to cover all necessary exercises including upper and lower body with strength, stretch, and aerobic routines? thanks.

Patricia says:

Sooo glad I stopped by I was able to get started sitting in my chair but boyyy can't wait to see the growth thanks a bunch I live in chronic pain and have gained a few in my old age and been really depressed about it 🙃

Edwina Sekhri says:

Love your workout videos Andi but I miss you as United Healthcare discontinued the Silver Sneakers program. Very sad but I follow you on YouTube.

Karen Moss says:

I love this workout. I'm saving the link for other days.

ilovediebenkorn says:

Andy's wonderful laugh gets us through every day.

Susan Winter says:

Was great to do inside since too cold to go outside today

Marianne Wire says:

way to smiley gets old real quick

Cynthia Souther says:

I like Andi, she is the best one to me! I have a lot of Arthritis and this helps me!

Karen Loeb says:

As good as the mountaintop! Thanks, Andi. I wish you taught a cardio class live….

Frances Oha says:

Love your classes.!

Orang Samasama says:

Love the music and your smile. Fun routine that I could follow and even increased the intensity! Always a good sign when I started and finished the entire class! Many thanks from Downunder.

Ann Roman says:

I love these videos. They are for seniors and also for anyone who is in shape who is not feeling well. We all cannot do extreme exercises every day and it probably is not healthy to do that. Thank you so much Silver Sneakers! I am a true fan.

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