20-minute Indoor Walking Workout for Seniors, Beginner Exercisers

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This 20-minute indoor walking workout will help improve your cardiovascular health by getting your heart rate up with exercises that work your entire body including your legs, glutes, core, and upper body. Perfect for seniors and beginner exercisers. There are about 2400 steps in this video.

Marching or walking in place is the foundation for this workout. Fun dance moves mix things up. These exercises will also work on your balance and coordination, which is important to prevent falls, the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among seniors.

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Jacqui Mike says:

Loved this exercise and did it right through today Cant use my right arm properly because of shoulder surgery and do 1020 steps around my yard daily This exercise helps me when its raining too Thank you and your mum

Donna Hall8117 says:

Love this workout

Trish Whetzel says:

You all keep me moving and motivated. I had foot surgery May 4 in a cast for two weeks in a boot for four I’m just now trying to get my strength back and you always make me smile thank you.

Ann Tews says:

Another great workout done! Love your videos and the fact that you guys do it together it’s awesome.

Pamela Smith says:

Just love working out with you two. You are such fun!

Irma Gallagher says:

Work out today 👍

Alofa Lokeni says:

Love this exercise thank you so much

Stacey Burrill says:

Thank you! I have a chronic autoimmune disease and multiple surgeries past 2 years. Your workouts motivate me! Thank you so much!!

Irma Gallagher says:

Little workout for me today 👍

Juliana De Leon says:

Love this tnx much. God bless

Damaris Castillo says:

This is my first time watching and I love it. I am 62 years old. Thank you! I am going to do it every day from now on

Ann Tews says:

Loved this workout even tho I got a little confused during some of the transitions but just did my own thing. Challenging my brain and my body.

Irma Gallagher says:

👏 I did a little intense and some my own phases 👍

Irma Gallagher says:

Worked out with you 👏

Kathy Jones says:

I have a smile on my face the whole time I exercise with these two wonderful ladies. Enjoy moms' attitude and comments so much!! You are both so great! Glad I found your videos and will continue to work with you!! I am and am rehabbing a torn meniscus in my left knee. Your routines are just perfect for working out for this. Keep it up ladies!!

Teresa Bowers says:

I've been following this program for almost two weeks now and look forward to it when I wake up!

Monica M says:

Mom looked great working out

Irma Gallagher says:

Working out with again

Diane Zimmerman says:

Thank You for doing this I am 63. I have a bad back along with a few other health issues. I am trying to get back in some sort of shape. I have some stretching exercise videos. I needed something to mix it up. I love walking around my neighborhood. Sometimes it’s way too hot! I am in Texas with 100 degree weather already in the month of May! I have been looking for a good alternative and I enjoyed this. Love it even more that you have your mother with you. I have to say that when I walk in my neighborhood I am not getting the arm exercising. I think if I was moving my arms around while walking I would have people calling the police 😂😂. I have a treadmill but I do not enjoy it. I prefer doing the different moves. Also a lot of the walking videos are pretty aggressive even the beginner ones. This video will help me move when It’s too hot and it will help me walk when I don’t want to 😂
Thank You

Biblio Editor says:

I like when they show the clock when I watch on TV and when she lets us know when they are at the 1/2 way point

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