The Worst Way to Fix Sciatica (DO THIS INSTEAD!)

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Sciatic nerve pain is one of the most common sources of discomfort, especially in men over 40 that lift weights. The reason why this is so common is that we do too many things that put us in position to suffer from sciatica in the first place, and then we don’t know how to fix sciatica once we have it. In this video, I’m going to show you why foam rolling and smashing the piriformis muscle with a lacrosse ball is the worst thing you can do to fix sciatica.

To start, it is important to differentiate true sciatic nerve pain from something that looks like sciatic nerve pain. If the source of your pain is from a bulging or herniated lumbar disk, then the stretches shown in this video are not going to fix your problem. In fact, you will want to make an appointment to be seen by a licensed physical therapist to help you treat your disc herniation another way.

On the other hand, if your sciatic nerve like symptoms are arising from the compression of the sciatic nerve from a tight piriformis, then you will want to pay close attention to what I am showing you here. Firstly, the nerve itself can get compressed by having a tight piriformis muscle. Because this muscle lies directly over the nerve as it exists the pelvis, there is a tendency for this muscle to compress the structure when it is tight.

Lately, we have been told by many that the best way to fix a tight muscle is to not stretch it but rather foam roll it or use a lacrosse ball on it to smash it. In this case, that is the worst advice you can be given. The lack of tissue thickness in this region (made worse by having weak or underdeveloped glutes) leads to a high probability that while attempting to ease the tension in the piriformis that you will be further compressing the nerve itself and causing more pain.

Even a foam roller does not adequately fix this problem since you will still be compressing the area, albeit with the force dispersed a little bit more evenly across the muscle than with the lacrosse ball. Either way, the treatment approach is not correct.

The best way to fix your sciatic nerve pain is to gently stretch the piriformis, but to make sure and do it consistently! 3-4 times per day for 5-6 days a week is a great start. Hold each stretch for 45 seconds to a minutes and make sure not to round your lower back in order to keep the focus on your hips. Place the tight hip in front of you with your knee and hip bent to 90 degrees and lean forward without losing the slight arch in your lower back.

You should feel an incredible relief without ever having to start cranking on the stretch or bearing through much discomfort when doing. It’s the same approach of doing the most you can do without doing more than your body can recover from, that has the ATHLEAN-X Training System creating loyal followers and great results every day. You can get the program at and start training like an athlete now.

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Junkdrunk247 says:

Jeff is a good dude.he went through however many years of school studying anatomy that it takes to become a licensed professional,worked with major league baseball players who's career's and millions of dollars depend on their physical well-being,and now shares that knowledge with us so we don't have to do all that.we do a quick search and get technique's that took a lifetime to aquire.anybody coming at this guy with negativity needs to get a life.thank you Jeff

Cher Bear says:

Wish I had seen this video before, because I've been foam rolling my piriformis thinking it will give me relief, it really did at some point, but def felt a little irritated after some point.

King Apple says:

Thanks so much God bless

Rudy Lopez says:

Jeff, if I don’t believe I have periformes syndrome, what exercises, stretches, etc. could I be doing. Do you have a program for this? I’m sure the core must be involved also. You’re the best Jeff, keep doing what you are doing.

Simple person says:

Lacrosse ball for life it does hurt a bit more at the beginning but it gets the results done as long as I'm not an idiot and I don't sit like a slob on chairs bye bye sciatic nerve. The only issue it usually takes me about 3 days to lower the inflammation

A Waiting says:

Here after foam rolling for about a week and now I can't walk😖 thanks for this information!

mdptg says:

“Doing any kind of stretches that I show you here, is not going to effect or improve that” … great …

Mihaela Rizea says:

Hi, I find your videos very h elpful, thank you! I fixed my tennis elbow, great! Concerning sciatica, I drive a lot, many hours a day, although I am not a professional, and lately I have pain in my right leg during car driving. I also play tennis and that is why I don't now what triggered my pain, driving or tennis light injuries. Pain is relieved immediately after standing upwards. Do you have any tips for driving without pain in leg?

Scott Soward says:

Thank you great suggestions!

yodibrodi says:

My piriformis syndrome was getting pretty bad. I’ve been stretching for a few weeks now trying to get it to relax but nothing has helped, it was only getting worse. I HAD to use the lacrosse ball to get the muscle to relax enough to stretch it in the first place. It was just too painful and far too temporary without first doing a myofascial release. Did that for the first time this morning and while it’s far from gone at least it’s become tolerable. It would feel like someone was jamming a knife blade behind my left hip every time I would get down out of my work truck. Couldn’t lift my left knee to my chest without that same sharp pain either.

Biden Is Communist says:

I'm about 90% "cured" from the sciatica I was dealing with.
1. I never called it "my sciatica". It's not mine, it's not something I'm going to live with. It's something I will destroy. That's the mindset.
2. Stretch ever single day, multiple times. When I say stretch I don't mean bend over for 1 minute. I'm talking 40 plus minutes of deep stretches. In the beginning it can be so bad just practice sitting up straight with your legs crossed and turn your head side to side.
3. Diet and exercise! Stay away from food that will cause further inflammation. Also, losing that belly will help your back.
4. HANG UPSIDE DOWN! Ultimately this is what made the most impact. I started by just grabbing a pullup bar and hanging to decompress the spine. Then, added those huge workout rubber bands and then hung upside down by my waist, then eventually by my ankles. Use the elasticity of the bands to bounce up and down.
I suddenly could straighten my left leg without intense pain, I could get up fast, turn my head, etc. Once you get into the groove of stretching your body will tell you what it needs. I knew instinctively that I eventually needed to be hung upside down. And what do you know? That's what fixed it!

phaninder reddy says:

That helped… amazing🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Maddock James says:

As a myotherapist I really appreciate this video. A huge proportion of injuries and reinjuries are from people trying to fix one of their issues too aggressively.
Start gently and work from there.

Julie Street says:

I've had this sciatic/piriformis pain for about 5 years, the first 2 years was really bad then I found a physio who gave me exercises to do, which really helped (after weeks of doing them). Was pain free for the last year, so obviously "forgot" about my exercises, then of course the pain came back, this time accompanied by plantar fascitis, oh joy! this video and the plantar video have got rid of 90% of today's pain in about 10 minutes. The exercises are different to the previous ones I learned. If you have any pain related to your piriformis, try this video it's worked for me straight away.

Matt Richer says:

I can't even get into that position it hurts so much lol

MR X says:

wow i suffer from this "muscle sciatica" for long time and cant get rid of this Brother you save my butt 😀

shabbir says:

I didnt understand how 2 do the exercise can someone plz explain the whole video in just a simple msg

I Kon says:

How many times a day should I stretch, also if I have to sit all day because of studying, is a break and stretch every 50 minutes good enough?

I Kon says:

Thank you! I’m studying for my finals and I’m sitting all day, I was in so much pain and nothing else worked, I saw other stretches online that made the pain worse😭😭😭😭 I feel so much better now. THANK YOU 🙏🏻

Captain Karl says:

This video was helpful and funny 😆

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