The No-Pill Pain Solution For Sciatica

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The No-Pill Pain Solution For Sciatica

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DoctorOz says:

Click here to end the year healthier:

Jack Dudley Austin Jr. says:

Don't let this guy get your credit card info. He will bill you hundreds of dollars a month and you will never ever get your money back.

tax the rich says:

Sciatica is no joke the horrible pain will drive you insane 😭

beautymariely says:

Forget it! I'm deadly allergic to pineapple!!!

Lift Me says:

yeah extreme pain now so this will work tomorrow?

Beruk Ferede says:

Where I can buy the cream also what is the name of the cream

Rani Johnsos says:

Great recipe – Thanks. Where can we find the exact measurements for the cia seeds & pineapple blend? thanks

furonwarrior says:

What a load of bullshit. ** you, Mr. Oz. I can’t believe you would support Trump. I guess if you’re a failed TV informercial sales person, you’ll resort to any desperate pathetic solution to stay relevant to the public.

Barbara Campolongo says:

Don’t you have other things to do now!

Faith F says:

PRP prolotherapy strengthens your lower back.

Alicja Kijewski says:


LuluBlackmon says:

These are not helpful if you actually SUFFER from unbearable sciatica.

Leslie Frazier says:

I have sciatica the pain can be horrible I tried shots in my back muscle relaxers stretches Tylenol/ Advil sleeping with a towel rolled up around my waist so my back won’t sag but what really helps walking it’s hard at first but it helps. Movement but you have to find out what works for you

Dorene Chase says:


FleeTheScene says:

This won't work for the serious sciatic damaged sufferer. This garbage always comes from people who don't have permanent disk and spinal stenosis issues. If you have osteoarthritis of the spine, save your time and ship to the next vid.

GL S says:

Is it possible to have sciatica pain on both sides..I have been suffering from sciatica pain for a month..I also have tremor s..I was prescribed Muscle relaxant and Naproxen..I have walked on a treadmill gradually daily ..Today I walked for 30 minutes. I think I over do myself..Now I have pain and tremors…

Chris Romero says:

Hey fake doctor you are violating the Hatch act you will be fired you are a racist and should lose your license to practice medicine. You are an embarrassment to the field.

Susan Spencer says:

I'd really rather have the Surgery to permanently make the problem go away!

Marie Park says:

Seriously? That drink is going to help severe pain? 30 years of pain and surgery? Lol thanks for the laugh but you really missed the mark for people who are really suffering and suicidal due to the cdc guilines leaving people in agony who cannot be helped by these hints.


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