Shoulder PAIN Exercises and Stretches for FAST Pain Relief – 5 minute routine

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This video will provide shoulder pain relief exercises in 5 minutes. It will aim to stretch out stiff shoulder muscles and provide fast relief. Do this exercise routine at least three times a day for at home shoulder pain relief.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:31 – Shoulder Rolls (5x forwards, 5x backwards)
0:47 – Arm Swings (10x)
1:04 – Scapular squeezes (10x)
1:30 – Anterior shoulder stretch (30s)
2:11 – External rotation stretch (30s)
3:20 – Posterior shoulder stretch (30s)
4:31 – Inferior capsule stretch (30s)
5:45 – Internal rotation stretch (30s)
7:06 – Conclusion

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Dr. Peng is board certified in sports medicine and family medicine. He completed residency with the Stanford family medicine residency program and completed his sports medicine training with the Stanford primary care sports medicine fellowship in San Jose. He is an active faculty member for both programs and is excited about training the next generation of physicians.

Dr. Peng currently practices in Campbell, California.

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ingrid carter truth says:

Thank u doctor this exercise is very helpful again thank u stay bless

Bayar Karma says:

really,so helpful pls watch and do ❤

Merlidad Uy says:

What a relief! Thank you very much doctor peng.

Subhash Kumar says:

Hello Doctor,
I am suffering last 3 months in right shoulder muscles pain due to rope pull . No relief from physiotherapy. In MRI report "Hypertencity involving acromio calvicular joint is seen ? Traumatic thinning/irregularities involving supra spinatus tendon is seen ? partial tear." Is this exercise right for this problem?. please give me proper guidance. thanks

Lottha Fareby says:

Thank you, exactly what I needed ❤️

Infinite says:

last night i couldn’t sleep from all the pain in my right arm which led to some crying but these exercises helped it cool down by alot

Hasna sathar says:

thankyou so much ♥️

Susan Bamhare says:

My first attempt felt relieved had a good sleep 😴 thanks doc

dragonfruit says:

🙌🙌🙌 bless

Harvinder Kaur Bedi says:

What exercise helps if someone fell and arm got pulled up. I have severe pain in my shoulder joint.

Tina Miles says:

that second arm bend not a chance can hardly move it at all in that position

Sharks 408 says:

Is anyone else feeling this from
Amazon prime delivery 🚚 Job
because I know I am 😏….💯


* The anterior superior Glenoid labrum shows a suspecious defect from 1-3 clock position, -? Buford's complex.
* Rest and significant
This is my Reports shows please help to Be normal sir

Jhaynifer says:

wow I feel like my shoulder pain is relieve

Gemma Marie Salvoza says:

Thank you Doc i try more more i felt like less of pain of my shoulder.

Anu Idiculla says:

This felt amazing and really did provide some relief. A simple and quick routine to keep shoulders loose and feeling good. Thanks, Dr. Peng!

Lalita Sharma says:

Thank you so much for nice. Video !!!👍

Oloruntoba Oluwatosin says:

Felt a relief thanks doctor

Freda Fang says:

Thank you so much 👍🏼

Mandy Nim says:

Thanks a lot 🙏

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