Quick Fit: Neck and Shoulder Stretches for Tension Relief

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As we look for new ways to engage our minds and bodies, PBS Wisconsin is proud to present the next episode of Quick Fit With Cassy – a new online series led by Cassy Vieth from Move With Cassy, a professional fitness trainer and instructor from Spring Green. In this new video, we learn how tight shoulder and neck muscles cause stress and pain, especially if we sit for long periods of time. Cassy guides us through a series of slow and gentle stretches to help us move more freely. We’ll be sharing new episodes to watch here twice a week for the next month, or explore the first eight episodes now at pbswisconsin.org/quickfit.


Felicia Forbes says:

brilliant! thank you

Izabela Sz says:

Thank you! Fantastic !

Ilyass Chetouani says:

Most underrated channel on YouTube !!

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