Physio Neck Exercises Stretch & Relieve Routine

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Physical Therapist neck exercises from with Physio Michelle who guides you through this 5 minute exercise routine to stretch your neck muscles and relieve neck and shoulder tension.
Michelle Kenway presents a series of neck exercises for relieving common areas of tension. These general neck exercises and should all feel comfortable and pain free. These exercises are not designed to treat specific neck conditions. Never stretch beyond the limits of personal comfort and immediately cease any neck exercises associated with physical discomfort.
This exercise video guides you step by step through the following basic neck exercises and techniques to relieve neck and shoulder muscles and improve posture.
Neck exercise 1 – Correct your sitting posture with your spine lengthened, lift the crown of your head towards the ceiling, raising your chest slightly and relaxing your shoulders.
Neck exercise 2 – Shoulder rolls relieve neck and shoulder tension. Make circular movements of the shoulder girdle as if drawing circles with the shoulders. Inhale as you raise your shoulders upwards and exhale as you roll your shoulders back and down.
Neck exercise 3 – Chin to chest stretch lengthens muscles at the back of the neck. Sit tall with your spine tall and gently lower your chin towards your chest as you exhale. Repeat 3-4 exercises..
Neck exercise 4 – Ear to shoulder stretches and relieves tension in the side neck muscles. Correct your posture, fix your left shoulder down by holding under your chair with your left hand. Slowly lower your right ear to your right shoulder keeping your nose facing forwards. This exercise stretches the neck muscles in the left side of your neck. Maintain for 30-45 seconds, slowly release and repeat twice.
Neck exercise 5 – Nose to armpit stretch relieves muscles that run from the head into the shoulder. Correct your posture, grasp under the seat of your chair with your left hand and rotate your head towards the right, lowering your nose to your right armpit. You will feel a gentle stretch on the left side of your neck. Maintain stretch for 30-45 seconds and repeated twice. Perform on both sides of the neck.
Neck exercise 6 – Nose to opposite knee can stretch and relieve the muscles from the neck to the tip of the shoulder blade. Set your posture and hold the base of your chair with your left hand. Rotate your head slightly to the right and gently lower your nose towards your right knee. Maintain for 30-45 seconds and twice. Perform on both sides of the neck.
Upper back/shoulder exercise 7 – Reach forward stretches muscles in your middle back between your shoulder blades. Link your fingers and roll your shoulders forwards as you reach in front of your body. Gently lower your chin to chest for added neck stretch.
Chest stretch exercise 8 – Backward reach stretches your chest and improves posture. Link your fingers behind your back. Raise your arms away from your back and lift your chest. You should feel a gentle stretch across the front of your chest.
Complete your neck exercises with 2-3 shoulder rolls and reset your posture with your spine lengthened and your shoulders relaxed down.


Cindi Sims says:

can these stretches make u make ur neck sore the next day??

Beth Wade says:

You just reminded me of what I should have been doing , no wonder I've been getting miagraines. Time to start again

reza.parsaei says:

oh my gush! this is perfect

Camille Santana says:

Thank you Michelle! You are the best!!!!

Mod Sdk says:

Very helpful

Maria Annaliza Racasa says:

omgg, thanks to u. my neck relieve the pain so much huhu :<<

Marina Mori says:

Oh, so good. and her voice is so calming. Thank you!!

Aria Mitso says:

Nice! This strech made me feel motivated af to keep going with my intense study sessions, have a nice day everyone!

Muhammad Ishtiaq Mir says:

A good speaker and human too ☺️

Rainbow Ulaf says:

Been dealing with this neck and shoulder pain probably because of my posture and this helps a lot to relieve my pain. Thank you!

Radiance Ray says:

This really works…..thanks


I do these exercises anytime my neck is over strained and I combine my exercise with another great video and just Amazing results. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Idda Hertha Nakathingo says:

thanks, this was helpful.


Thank you so much mam 🙏💐 for this wonderful nd helpfull video..

M says:

My neck disc compression pain was immediately relieved by these simple exercises, thank you

Sadya Hashi says:

This was amazing, Thank you!

smiswilson says:

Oh awesome!! Much needed !

J LaC says:

This is a great video, very helpful for relieving tension. I wish I and others had found it sooner, too many people with head and neck pain from stress. Videos like this can help a surprising amount.

Chris K says:

Always a great stretch to keep my head high! I like to play video games so my neck and shoulders start to get tight, this video has been very helpful!

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